Accessibility at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

How to provide feedback, alternative formats, accessibility plan and progress report

Provide feedback

Use our feedback form to share your comments and ideas to help us create an accessible and barrier-free Canada. We invite your feedback on

  • our accessibility plan or progress report
  • how we are putting the plan in place
  • any barriers that you may encounter when working for us or in communicating with us or accessing our programs and services
  • our feedback process

Services and information

Accessibility plan

AAFC's accessibility plan is paving the way to a more accessible future for all we serve and employ by creating accessible environments, services and experiences where we all belong, and everyone feels valued and respected

2023 progress report

Progress to date on AAFC's activities to improve accessibility, remove barriers and feedback received

Feedback process

Different types of feedback you can provide, the ways you can provide your feedback; how to request an alternative format of our accessibility plan, progress report or the description of our feedback process at AAFC