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Chicken, beef, and pork showcased on a table

Vietnamese consumer views of Canadian food and seafood products

Understand Vietnamese consumer shopping behavior, perceptions of, and market demand for Canadian food and seafood.

Read about the latest AAFC science in agricultural innovations

Have you heard the buzz about Canadian agricultural science? If not, you will want to read Agricultural Innovations (Volume V), the latest update from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on what's trending in the field.

Helping farmers expand and innovate

As a farmer, there are many reasons why you might consider taking out a loan. With the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) program, you can access a credit solution with low interest rates, low down payments, and flexible repayment options.

A man holding a hat with a child in his arms who is pointing out to a farm field.

A 10-year plan for departmental

With the goal of building strong, resilient agriculture and agri-food systems, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has released a renewed strategy that will guide the department's science and research activities over the next decade.

Canadian producer views of strategic issues in agriculture

Discover and track producer attitudes and perceptions of the agriculture sector in Canada.

Trouble resolving farm debt?

The Farm Debt Mediation Service offers financial counselling and mediation services to farmers. Find out if you are eligible for our free and confidential service and get the support you need to get your debt repayment back on track.


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Title First Published Date Abstract
Vietnamese consumer views of Canadian food and seafood products 2023-02-31 

Understand Vietnamese consumer shopping behavior, perceptions of, and market demand for Canadian food and seafood.

Waste not want not: Craig McIntosh and Carissa Campeotto's innovative approach to rescuing wasted food is put to the test 2023-01-20

For Craig McIntosh and Carissa Campeotto, food gave them a second chance; now, they're returning the favour. Follow their journey in the Food Waste Reduction Challenge to learn how they're transforming food waste into food potential.

Read about the latest AAFC science in agricultural innovations 22-12-19 Have you heard the buzz about Canadian agricultural science? If not, you will want to read Agricultural Innovations (Volume V)., the latest update from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on what's trending in the field.
Episode 025 - Turning manure into gold 22-12-15 "Waste is not waste. It's just misplaced resources". That is according to Rajinikanth Rajagopal and the team of researchers at the Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre as they work to adapt anaerobic bio digestion to a Canadian climate and livestock sector. We also speak to Mauricio Alanís, Director of Sustainability Strategy and Partnerships at Maple Leaf Foods. His company is interested in the technology and AAFC's expertise as it could all play an important role in Maple Leaf Foods' sustainability journey.
Helping farmers expand and innovate 2022-12-08

As a farmer, there are many reasons why you might consider taking out a loan. With the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) program, you can access a credit solution with low interest rates, low down payments, and flexible repayment options.

A 10-year plan for departmental agri-science 2022-11-23 With the goal of building strong, resilient agriculture and agri-food systems, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has released a renewed strategy that will guide the department's science and research activities over the next decade.

Episode 024 - Modelling the future of water


To predict the future of water, we have to understand the present. That's exactly what AAFC's Dr. David Lapen and Dr. Steven Frey from Aquanty Inc., are endeavoring to do. Listen in as they discuss their work on a complex, country-wide hydrological modelling tool. It is designed to help researchers, producers and decision makers anticipate water resources of tomorrow and make better, more informed decisions today. This is the Canada 1 Water project.

Episode 023 - Saving our organic soils


40% of Quebec's fruits and vegetables are grown in the Montérégie region due to its abundantly fertile organic soils. But these soils are under threat. We speak to Jacynthe Masse, an agroecology researcher, and Denys Van Winden, a vegetable producer from Sherrington, to learn about the challenges they're facing and the experiments they're running to save these soils.

Canadian producer views of strategic issues in agriculture 2022-11-22

Discover and track producer attitudes and perceptions of the agriculture sector in Canada.

Trouble resolving farm debt? 2022-11-21 The Farm Debt Mediation Service offers financial counselling and mediation services to farmers. Find out if you are eligible for our free and confidential service and get the support you need to get your debt repayment back on track.

AgPal unveils new toolkit


Help spread the word about AgPal – a program and service finder for farmers and agri-businesses.

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture reach a new partnership agreement


During the Annual Meeting of federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from July 20-22, 2022, Ministers reached agreement on the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The new five-year agreement takes effect April 1, 2023. It will inject $500 million in new funds into the sector, representing a 25% increase in the cost-shared portion of the partnership.

A deep dive into consumer and producer views towards sustainability in agriculture


New qualitative research highlights consumer and producer views on sustainable agriculture.

Biovigilance brings together the vegetable and fruit horticultural industry in Quebec


Interested in biovigilance? Immerse yourself in the engagement activity of last July 6. Also, learn more about the research projects underway at the Sainte-Clotilde Experimental Farm and at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Research Centre in Quebec.

Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines: Get a booster dose


COVID-19 continues to be a health threat. The Public Health Agency of Canada strongly encourages you to stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines to strengthen your protection against illness caused by COVID-19.

Episode 022 - Agroforestry: The new-old science 2022-07-11 When agriculture meets forestry, the result can have a surprising impact on the environment, wildlife habitats, crop production, and beyond. AAFC research scientist Dr. Raju Soolanayakanahally and Kevin Boon, General Manager of the BC Cattlemen's Association, explore the roots of the long-standing practice of agroforestry, and the benefits it brings to the future of agriculture and climate change.
Consumer attitudes towards innovative agricultural technologies 2022-08-10 In 2016, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada undertook a study to better understand Canadians' perceptions and attitudes towards emerging agricultural technologies and their applications in the sector. The department has recently redone this study to find out where consumers stand today.
We want to hear from you on the Next Agricultural Policy Framework 2022-08-08 Join the conversation and share your experiences and ideas for the Next Policy Framework, a five-year investment by provincial and territorial (FPT) governments to strengthen and grow Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector.
The buzz on honey bees 2022-08-05 World Honey Bee Day is on August 20, 2022. Discover how busy bees play a critical role in Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector!
Living Lab – Atlantic Field Trip: Protecting water in Kensington 2022-07-26 Take a field trip around Prince Edward Island to see various Living Lab – Atlantic sites in a four-article series. You'll hear from participants and see the work they are doing to protect the environment and support sustainable agriculture.
New plant breeding guidance from Health Canada 2022-07-13 The new guidance from Health Canada addresses the latest innovations in plant breeding under the Canadian Novel Food Regulations.
Give your business a digital boost to stay competitive 2022-07-12 Be where your customers are! Find out how to grow or expand your e-commerce presence.
Living Lab – Atlantic Field Trip: Wetlands cropping up in Souris 2022-07-06 Take a field trip around Prince Edward Island to see various Living Lab – Atlantic sites in a four-article series. You'll hear from participants and see the work they are doing to protect the environment and support sustainable agriculture.
Temporary changes to Advance Payments Program to improve cash flow 2022-07-05

Exceptional circumstances have led to increased input costs like fuel and fertilizer. Changes to the Advance Payments Program can help you meet your cash flow needs sooner.

Advancing international agricultural cooperation at the G7 2022-06-30

Minister Bibeau concludes a productive trip to Germany for the annual G7 Agriculture Ministers Meeting, advancing Canada's agricultural interests regarding trade, supply chains, food security and environmental sustainability.

Episode 021 - Shedding light on food fraud


When veterinarian Dr. Greg Dimmers noticed an alarming pattern of infection in beef cattle, he contacted microbiologist Dr. Tim McAllister to get some answers. Hear the two speak about their respective paths in the study of antimicrobial resistance.

Episode 020 - Putting a rope around antimicrobial resistance in cattle


When veterinarian Dr. Greg Dimmers noticed an alarming pattern of infection in beef cattle, he contacted microbiologist Dr. Tim McAllister to get some answers. Hear the two speak about their respective paths in the study of antimicrobial resistance.

Living Lab – Atlantic Field Trip: Being precise in Spring Valley 2022-05-19 Take a field trip around Prince Edward Island to see various Living Lab – Atlantic sites in a four article series. You'll hear from participants and see the work they are doing to protect the environment and support sustainable agriculture.
Budget 2022 and Canada's Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector 2022-05-18 Budget 2022: A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable highlighted a number of investments to support Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector.
Living Lab – Atlantic Field Trip: Protecting soil in Harrington 2022-05-18 Take a field trip around Prince Edward Island to see various Living Lab – Atlantic sites in a four-article series. You'll hear from participants and see the work they are doing to protect the environment and support sustainable agriculture.
Episode 019 - The Cutting Edge 2022-04-27 Have you ever wondered where companies go to develop their secret recipes and test new food processing technologies? Canadian innovators go to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's research centre in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec to develop and test new products. Listen to Sabine Ribéreau, the pilot plant manager, and Deena Alari, the research and development manager from Smuckers, as they discuss the Saint-Hyacinthe Industrial Program and how it can help get your products on grocery store shelves.
Connecting Canadians with Canada's farmers 2022-04-21 Canadian agriculture has an amazing story to tell. The new AgriCommunication Initiative will help build stronger connections and awareness between Canada's farmers and consumers.
Scale homegrown technologies to reduce food waste - challenge accepted. 2022-04-12 Every year, over half of Canada's food supply is wasted, and nearly $50 billion of that wasted food is avoidable. To help reduce food waste in Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada launched the Food Waste Reduction Challenge to support new innovations and solutions across the supply chain.
Plan ahead and protect your farm with AgriStability 2022-03-23 In agriculture, there are no guarantees. AgriStability is here to support you when you experience a large margin decline. Take advantage of AgriStability and enrol by June 30, 2022.
Seeking new members for the Canadian Agricultural Youth Council 2022-03-04 Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau invites applications for the Canadian Agricultural Youth Council. This volunteer council comes together to find ways to build a vibrant future for food and farming in Canada that reflects the values and aspirations of young people from all walks of life.
Integrated Pest Management: AAFC Scientists Recognized by International Science Community 2022-03-04 Integrated pest management (IPM) is an all-encompassing holistic approach to pest management in agriculture, and AAFC researchers win awards for their role in it!
The Normandin Research Farm in Quebec looks to the future 2022-03-04 After consulting farm organizations in the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region, Agriculture and Agri Food Canada adjusted the key focuses of the Normandin Research Farm. Find out how science teams will be able to better support farming in northern areas, while developing the knowledge to support local Indigenous agriculture.
Noura Ziadi, a woman with a passion for research and people 2022-02-25 Meet Noura Ziadi, a soil research scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. She is one of the 7 honourees of the Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program.
Prince Edward Island conservationist and AAFC collaborator recognized with national award 2022-02-25 Prominent conservation champion, Fred Cheverie has been working for more than 40 years to conserve wildlife and nature on Prince Edward Island. Since 2009, Fred has worked alongside Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to ensure local farmers are conscious of their efforts to preserve the environment and sustainable agriculture.
Episode 018 - Resolving soil nutrient loss and pollution in Lake Erie 2022-02-23 From buckwheat and bees to cover crops and no-till practices, we explore how Henry Denotter, a farmer on the Wigle Creek watershed, and Pamela Joosse, a soil and nutrient management specialist, worked together to reduce pollution in Lake Erie as part of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Living Labs program.
Growing legumes to reduce greenhouse gases 2022-02-03 Grass pastures deteriorate over time. But farmers have options: they can take the pastures out of production, reseed them or rejuvenate them. A federal program has been helping producers discover how reseeding with legumes can not only extend a pasture's lifespan, but reduce the greenhouse gases it emits.
Glimpse into your crop's future with Canadian Crop Metrics 2022-01-27 Try out our new crop yield forecasting app that lets farmers, agronomists and market forecasters make more informed decisions through the growing season.
The Farm Management Survey is coming January 31 2022-01-27 The Farm Management Survey collects data on today's farming practices to help inform decisions on current Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada programs and policies, as well as their future development.
Agricultural Innovations During the Pandemic – Science Grows On 2022-01-27 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's dedicated team of scientists didn't let the COVID-19 pandemic slow them down. Find inspiring stories about how they continued their ground-breaking research across the country in the 2020 issue of Agricultural Innovations.
Episode 017 - Reducing greenhouse gasses with drainage systems 2022-01-26 Anything's possible when researchers and producers come together. Hear from Dr. Chandra Madramootoo of McGill University and Guy Vincent, a grain and cash crop producer, as they discuss their collaborative journey to reduce greenhouse gasses and increase crop yields.
A new initiative for greener agricultural practices 2022-01-17 The On-Farm Climate Action Fund encourages producers to take immediate action to fight climate change. See how this program will contribute to achieving our 2030 emissions-reduction targets and carbon neutrality by 2050.
AgPal – an easy-to-use program and service finder for your agricultural needs 2021-12-15 AgPal gathers agricultural information from various sources including academic, federal, provincial and territorial governments and stores it in one, easy-to-navigate website.
What's in your toolbox to help you manage farm risk and finance? 2021-12-15 Are you in need of cash advances, loans or confidential mediation for debt repayment? Learn more about some of our key farm support programs and services available to you.
Canada's Ministers of Agriculture hold annual meeting and release Guelph Statement 2021-11-25 Find out how Ministers of Agriculture established a shared vision, priorities and principles for the next agricultural policy framework and the future of the sector, and learn more about the Guelph Statement.
Potatoes are hot and cool! 2021-11-23 Did you know a potato has more potassium than a banana? Learn more about what makes potatoes exciting, including how we can combine science and potatoes, and what potato varieties are best for your dish.
Canada Grain Act review: what we heard 2021-11-23 Last winter, members of the Canadian grain sector came together to discuss updates to the Canada Grain Act. Read highlights from consultations and what they could mean for grain policy reform.
Episode 016 - Cybersecurity and agriculture 2021-11-17 Farmers and many others in our sector spend much of their time managing risk. In this episode we focus on a new risk to manage - cyber threats. Dr. Janos Botschner from the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance and Christine Beauchamp from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security tell us some true cyber heist stories. And they share some solid advice on how we can up our cybersecurity game.
Helping Canadians in need access food 2021-11-15 The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for more Canadians to get enough food on the table. Additional funding for the Emergency Food Security Fund will help those who need it most.
Helping agri-businesses develop clean technologies 2021-11-10 The cost of creating clean agricultural technology can keep an agri-business from going green. But the Agricultural Clean Technology Program: Research and Innovation stream can help by providing financial support for research and development of clean technologies.
Episode 015 - Citizen Science 2021-10-20 Researchers cannot be everywhere at once. Laura Richard manages the Agroclimate Impact Reporter (AIR). This citizen science projects relies on producers all across the country to help our scientists and decision-makers to know how the weather impacts agriculture at a local scale. Trevor Atchinson is a fourth generation rancher from Pipestone MB and a second generation contributor to AIR.
Farm income is forecast to reach new heights 2021-03-26 Farm income is forecast to have set new records in 2020 and 2021 – an indication of the strong economic situation of much of agriculture, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.
Episode 014 - Mental health: UPA's work to break the stigma 2021-07-29 In this third episode on mental health, we explore the topic from the perspective of a professional agricultural association. We speak with Marcel Groleau, President of Quebec's Agricultural Producers Union (UPA), who tells us about the resources available to producer. From overcoming mental health challenges, to breaking the stigma, he shares insights into the unique programming developed in Quebec.
Get free COVID-19 rapid tests for your employees 2021-07-28 Did you know rapid tests can help identify employees who may be infected with COVID-19 but have no symptoms? Learn more about the benefits of rapid testing and find out how you can start your own screening program.
Helping feed at-risk Canadians 2021-07-27 Too many Canadians are struggling to access food. Additional funding for the Local Food Infrastructure Fund will continue to address food insecurity and strengthen our food systems.
Episode 013 - Mental health: from the farmer's perspective 2021-07-27 Cynthia Beck and her family run a cattle and grain operation in South-East Saskatchewan. After facing her own mental health challenges and discovering a lack of resources tailored towards the agricultural sector, Cynthia decided to do something about it.
Enjoy the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables with a tasty snack 2021-07-19 Canada's fruit and vegetables and those who grow and harvest them are resilient, overcoming shorter growing seasons and the latitudes of the north to make their way on to your plate. This year, we celebrate them!
Fields of Science – Encouraging the next generation 2021-07-12 Explore Fields of Science and discover how our scientists help get food from the field to your plate. Check out their research and the path that lead them to become an agricultural scientist.
New website address 2021-06-23 becomes, and joins the big family! This allows Canadians to have a consistent look and feel when searching for government information online.
Episode 012 - Food Waste Reduction Challenge: The Next Level 2021-06-23 Over 300 ideas were submitted to the Food Waste Reduction Challenge. Twenty-four of the best ideas were selected for funding. Now it's time to test their concepts and compete for the $1.5M grand prize. In this episode, jury member and celebrity chef, Bob Blumer, tells us about the selection process. He also shares tips on reducing food waste at home. Mohamed Yassine from Impact Canada joins the conversation to tell us what's next.
Food Waste Reduction Challenge: novel technologies put to good use 2021-06-21 Innovators can now apply with their novel technological solutions to reduce food waste.
Better Grown Together 2021-06-16 The benefits of intercropping are endless. While making the most out of your soil, intercropping allows for more diversity within your produce selection and can make better use of resources.
New programs will help supply-managed farmers 2021-06-08 An investment of more than $691 million will support innovation and growth for Canada's chicken, turkey and egg farmers.
Wetlands and Farmlands: Celebrating World Environment Day 2021-06-05 Several environment groups and conservationists, including Ducks Unlimited, are taking notice of the work by Living Lab – Atlantic partners to construct new wetlands on Prince Edward Island farms.
Food Waste Reduction Challenge: innovators advance to the semi-finals 2021-05-21 For the next 8 months, the 24 semi-finalists will put their business model solutions to the test in order to demonstrate effectiveness.
Episode 011 - Climate change and agricultural solutions 2021-05-12 Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for our times - and the impacts are especially challenging for the agricultural sector. In this episode, we talk about a science model that the Government of Canada is using to generate solutions, as well as issues related to climate change and agriculture. We hear from two generations of environmental scientists on the topic.
Increased investment to improve the recruitment and development of young agricultural workers 2021-05-05 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is doubling its budget for the Youth Employment and Skills Program in order to develop the skills of the workforce of tomorrow while meeting the considerable needs of the agri-food sector.
Budget 2021 and Canada's Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector 2021-04-28 Find out how Budget 2021's proposed investments and initiatives will impact the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector.
Fast tracking the adoption of climate-smart best practices in agriculture 2021-04-27 The Agricultural Climate Solutions Program will establish a strong, Canada-wide network of regional collaboration hubs, led by farmers, that develop and share farming practices to mitigate climate change.
Raise a glass to the success of the west coast wine industry for BC Wine Month 2021-04-27 British Columbia wines are a perfect reflection of the province itself in which a significant portion of the grapes for Canada's wineries are grown. Honour your favourite west coast wine and learn some interesting facts about the lands and industry they originate from.
AgriStability is changing to better help farmers: Enrol now for 2021 2021-04-14 Farmers can take advantage of AgriStability changes for 2020 and have more time to enrol for 2021.
Everyone at the Table: Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council convenes first meeting 2021-03-30 In June 2019, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, announced the first-ever Food Policy for Canada while visiting Montreal's Carrefour Alimentaire Centre-Sud, a community organization dedicated to improving access to healthy food for all.
Good food starts with good research! 2021-03-24 Our scientists are doing outstanding work! Check out Fields of Science to learn more about how their work contributes to the food on our plates.
Episode 010 - Mental health on the farm 2021-03-17 In this episode we speak with Dr. Briana Hagen about tailoring mental health programs to the needs of farmers. She explains how mental health in farming is fundamentally different than in other sectors. And she points toward solutions and successful programs across the country including the program called, In the Know, which she helped developed at the University of Guelph.
Episode 009 - Living Laboratories Quebec 2021-02-15 Hear about this Living Laboratories initiative and its revolutionary new approach to innovation. It brings together farmers, scientists, and other collaborators to address agri-environmental issues in a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Being agri-literate: Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month celebrates its 10th anniversary 2021-03-12 This year marks the tenth anniversary of Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month, a time for students to get their hands into the soil to see how deep our farming roots go.
A partnership pioneer: Dr. Douglas Hedley joins the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame 2021-02-24 For his roadmap to bringing the Canadian agriculture sector together, this man is a member of the 2020 Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.
The 2021 Census of Agriculture is now faster and easier to complete 2021-02-18 Farm operators: watch for the Census of Agriculture this spring. Here's what to expect for the 2021 edition.
Episode 008 - Leading Women 2021-02-09 Minister, President, CEO: This is a very frank discussion with three women leaders in the agriculture and food sector. They talk about their experiences and the benefits of a more inclusive and diverse sector at all levels.
Helping Canadian businesses expand their export opportunities 2021-01-27 The AgriAssurance Program provides Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) with financial support to obtain the certifications needed to export to a new market.
Dr. Hao and his amazing automated greenhouse 2021-01-21 AAFC researcher Dr. Xiuming Hao's green thumb brought his team to victory at the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge where AI and horticultural expertise is leading the way to feeding the world.
Western food banks draw on community spirit during hard times 2021-01-21 In western Canada, two communities are drawing on the power of food and community spirit to get them through challenging times.
Episode 007 - The opportunity of food waste 2021-01-06 Is food waste really an opportunity? Denise Philippe of the National Zero Waste Council believes so. Listen to this discussion where she outlines gaps in our food system and shows us where opportunities exist. As well, learn about the new, Food Waste Reduction Challenge.
East Coast food banks find a way to keep their cool 2020-12-24 Providing families with hearty holiday food, is "a very bright spot after a hard year."
The Researcher and the Cranberry: A Holiday Tale 2020-12-21 A holiday story about an AAFC researcher who had never heard about cranberries but is now studying them in poultry to fight against antimicrobial resistance.
Episode 006 - The next generation: Who is going to produce your food tomorrow? 2020-12-14 Meet the next generation of Canadians working in agriculture and agri-food sector. Jerry Bos, a young dairy farmer and co-chair of the Canadian Agricultural Youth Council, shares his vision for the future. Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau tells us why it's important to have young farmers like Jerry and the other members of the council at the decision-making table.
Eyes on the prize: Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers 2020-12-07

Checking in with last year's honourees of the Outstanding Young Farmers competition.

Helping Canadian farmers innovate and expand 2020-11-25 Looking to establish or upgrade your farm? Find out how the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act program can help.
Technology and youth on the farm: Bringing Alberta's agriculture into a new age 2020-11-09 How one young Albertan is giving back to the agriculture sector amid a unique year.
Episode 005 – Saving nutrients with novel science 2020-11-04 Christopher Garhnham and his team at the AAFC has discovered something very small that could have big impacts in the food and feed industry.
Teaching through a pandemic 2020-10-22 After adapting to COVID-19 in physical and virtual ways, the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum has reopened its doors to the public!
Cold storage: Making the most of your harvest 2020-10-22 How to store your harvested apples and potatoes.
Bulk buying: How one British Columbian initiative is helping protect Canada's food-sector workers against COVID-19 2020-10-14 How one B.C. association stepped up to help keep Canadian food-industry workers safe, when they needed it most.
Episode 003 – The science of reconciliation! Bridging Indigenous knowledge with agricultural science 2020-09-30 In discussion with two agents of change in the world of agricultural science, we explore a new and brilliant way forward.
Episode 002 – Rapid response: Feeding Canadians during the pandemic 2020-09-30 Listen in as we shed light on an innovative and nimble collaboration that is addressing food insecurity during the pandemic.
Episode 001 – Farmers, innovators! And how good ideas spread 2020-09-30 Interview with Julie Dawson, a beef specialist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and who is also a sixth generation farmer. Listen in on this fascinating discussion about how much farming has and is changing, and how fast.
Episode 004 – RADARSAT Constellation Mission - Agriculture from space 2020-10-14 Learn about the Radarsat Constellation Mission, the type of data that flows from it, its applications in agriculture and how it is used by environmental stewards to work with farmers.
New podcast series explores the freshest ideas in Canadian ag and food 2020-09-30 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has launched The First Sixteen, a new biweekly podcast series that digs into leading edge topics in Canadian agriculture and food.
Helping Canadian farmers during uncertain times 2020-09-29 The Advance Payments Program offers cash advances to sell crops and livestock when prices are most favourable.
The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy continues to help the sector 2020-09-21 The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) has been extended and simplified to be more flexible and reduce complexity for applicants.
Pleasing pollinators: Supporting your hardworking garden allies 2020-08-05 Many pollinators are hard at work on farms and in your garden.
Funding available to help food processors ensure capacity of Canadian made foods 2020-07-29 $77.5 million Emergency Processing Fund helps companies make changes to safeguard worker safety and to increase food supply.
Funding available to address food insecurity and help alleviate food concerns of vulnerable Canadians 2020-07-29 The Surplus Food Rescue Program is a $50 million initiative which is designed to address food insecurity and help to alleviate food concerns of vulnerable Canadians
Canadians invited to Step up to the plate and work in ag jobs 2020-07-29 AAFC's Step up to the plate employment portal draws interest from thousands of Canadians
New web portal points ag businesses to key financial supports 2020-07-29 To help farmers, food processors, and agri food businesses get the financial support information they need during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada has launched a new, all inclusive online information portal.
Minister names members of Canada's first agricultural youth council 2020-07-29 Meet the 25 young people who will have the ear of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food!
Plan(t) for success 2020-06-11 How to manage common pests in your home garden
Digging in: The dirt on a healthy home garden 2020-05-15 This spring, nature is calling out to Canadians once again.
New youth council will help shape the sector 2020-01-09 Have your say on the opportunities and challenges facing the ag sector
Minister Bibeau is eager to work closely with producers to ensure they are positioned for success 2020-01-09 Minister Bibeau is eager to work closely with producers to ensure they are positioned for success
Farmers and researchers working together as part of "Living Labs" 2020-01-09 The new Living Laboratories Initiative brings together farmers and researchers to solve local environmental challenges and ensure sustainable farm productivity. The results will lead to new tools and resources for producers.
Working together to keep African swine fever out of Canada 2020-01-09 Find out how the Government of Canada is collaborating with the provinces and pork industry to stay vigilant in keeping ASF from entering the country.
Canada's ministers of agriculture meet to discuss priorities 2020-01-09 Federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture met face to face for a second time in 2019 to discuss ways to improve support for the sector.
Funding available to ag sector organizations or industry partners to support leading-edge projects 2020-01-09 Is your organization facing a challenge to adopt, test or pilot an innovative project that could boost the competitiveness of Canada's agriculture sector? Learn more about funding through the Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program.
Canola update: sector united in response to Chinese suspensions 2019-04-15 In the face of sudden canola export suspensions by China, members across Canada's canola industry and government are coming together to resolve the impasse on an important export commodity.
Newly appointed Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister meeting with industry 2019-04-15 Recently appointed Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has been busy meeting with farmers, food processors and provincial counterparts to discuss challenges and opportunities for the sector.
Budget 2019: New investments to grow Canadian agriculture 2019-04-15 Funding for Canada's first food policy, supply management sector, innovation for the food processing sector and more.
Keeping African swine fever out of Canada 2019-04-15 Detector dogs are frontline protection in preventing African swine fever from entering Canada. ...
Survey on "Product of Canada" and "Made in Canada" labelling guidelines 2019-04-15 The Government of Canada seeks industry feedback as it considers potential changes to "Product of Canada" and "Made in Canada" labelling guidelines.
Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program now accepting applications 2019-04-15 New funding program supports industry-led projects to help the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector capitalize on opportunities and address emerging issues.
New Agriculture Emergency Management Bulletin 2019-04-15 The Agriculture Emergency Management (AEM) Bulletin...
Strategy for healthy piglets without antibiotics 2019-04-15 A feeding strategy for piglets that does not include antibiotics will reduce veterinary costs and facilitate access to the European market for Canadian hog producers.
How will you celebrate Canada's Agriculture Day? 2019-02-11 Join the festivities across Canada on February 12 and help raise awareness of Canada's dynamic agriculture and agri-food sector.
Rooted in strength – tools for becoming more resilient 2019-02-11 'When winter storms roll in, taking care of our families and ourselves can sometimes be extra demanding.
Girls and science: what a team! 2019-02-11 February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a chance to highlight the important contributions of women in agricultural science.
Major milestones advancing ag 2019-02-11 Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector is a key driver of the Canadian economy and a high-performing sector in today's global marketplace.
Growing Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector 2019-01-08 Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table releases ambitious long-term vision...
New web portal to help Canadians adapt to climate change 2019-01-08 Wide range of information and services will support farmers.
Trade deals aim to diversify Canada's agricultural trade 2019-01-08 CUSMA agreement and CPTPP ratification are vital steps in growing the Canadian economy.
Government of Canada invests in automation and digital technologies 2019-01-08 National initiatives to support agriculture and agri-food sector.
Trade missions to the EU and China boost Canada's agriculture profile 2019-01-08 Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay leads two trade missions to key export markets.
'Making hay' with forages 2019-01-08 Though often overlooked, forage is the third most profitable crop for Canadian farmers, valued at more than $5 billion a year.
Dairy Farm Investment Program Phase II Announced 2019-01-08 Funding applications will be accepted from January 7-February 8, 2019.
Optimizing the value of an ancestral Indigenous crop system 2019-01-08 Funding applications will be accepted from January 7-February 8, 2019.
SPACE: The newest frontier in agriculture 2019-07-16 Scientists at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) saw earth-orbiting satellites as an opportunity to look at agriculture from a stellar new vantage point.
Everyone at the table: Launch of the Food Policy for Canada 2019-07-16 Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau launched the first-ever Food Policy for Canada at the Carrefour Alimentaire Centre-Sud in Montreal.
Share your thoughts on proposed changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program 2019-07-16 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada are seeking feedback on a proposal that would provide greater mobility to foreign workers through the introduction of occupation-specific work permits.
What the Federal Regulatory Review means for you 2019-07-16 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) will lead two modernization proposals meant to support innovation and economic growth in the sector.
Higher limits for the Advance Payments Program 2019-07-16 The Government of Canada announced in May 2019 changes to the Advance Payments Program (APP) that supports farmers with increased loan limits.
Visit to Japan boosts Canada's agriculture profile 2019-07-16 Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, visited Japan to attend the G20 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting and held a series of productive meetings with her counterparts from North America, Asia and Europe.
United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement 2018/10/11 Canada and the United States reached an agreement last week, alongside Mexico, on a new, modernized trade agreement for the 21st Century: the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay announces details of $70 million agricultural science investment 2018-10-11 Boosting support for agricultural innovation will put technologies and best management practices into farmers' hands faster.
Indigenous Pathfinder – new personalized service for Indigenous agricultural businesses and communities 2018-10-11 A direct line of support is now available to help Indigenous Peoples access programs related to the agriculture and food sector.
Bringing premium meat to Canadian domestic and export markets 2018-10-11 An Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researcher is working to produce pigs with higher marbling.
Taking on herbicide resistance 2018-10-11 Genetic tools to limit the impact of herbicide resistance are now being used in Quebec and may eventually be available elsewhere.
Grow your trade around the world with help from commissioners 2018-10-11 Learn how you can benefit from our trade commissioners' advice and guidance on exporting.
2018 Medium Term Outlook 2018-10-11 According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Medium Term Outlook 2018, the Canadian agricultural sector is on the path of continued growth.
Beef Genomic Prediction Trial 2018-10-11 The Canadian beef cattle industry is working with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers to produce a more efficient and environmentally sustainable herd.
Quick and easy online searches tailored to your needs with AGPAL 2018-06-18 Accessing agricultural programs and services has never been so easy.
Canada Pavilion Program benefits agricultural businesses 2018-06-18 The newly launched Canada Pavilion Program helps industry promote products internationally.
Expanding eco-friendly pest management options for farmers 2018-06-18 Wasps help farmers manage more pests with fewer chemicals.
Trade missions open up overseas markets for Canadian farmers 2018-06-18 As China's population grows, so do opportunities for Canadian producers.
Transportation Modernization Act will help grain sector thrive 2018-06-18 Act gives grain sector new tools to get Canadian grain to market.
Canadian Agricultural Partnership open for business 2018-03-16 Applications for federal programs under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership are now available.
Canola: Canadian, eh? 2018/03/16 When people are asked to name Canada's great innovations, canola doesn't usually make the list, but it should.
Solving milk-production issues at hog farms 2018-03-16 New research to help Canadian hog producers ensure their sows have enough milk for their piglets.
Exploring the impact of public trust 2018-03-16 New AAFC surveys reveal how public trust influences producers' and processors' operations.
Budget 2018 2018-03-16 Budget 2018 takes the next steps towards building an equal, competitive, sustainable and fair Canada - where science and innovation spur economic growth.
Cash flow solutions for farmers 2018-03-16 Plan ahead for your spring cash advance.
Advancing Canada's trade and market access agenda 2018-03-16 Minister MacAulay wrapped up four major trade missions abroad and talks up Canada's high-quality food products.
Weather maps that make a difference 2018-03-16 Even in the off-season, our weather monitoring services are at work so farmers can be prepared.
Farm innovation in Prince Edward Island just got a big boost 2018-03-16 Charlottetown Research and Development Centre flexes its labs.
Bringing fresher flavours to a freezer aisle near you 2017-11-08 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada teams up with industry partner to improve the taste and texture of frozen veggies.
Making loans more accessible 2017-11-08 The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) is a loan-guarantee program designed to make loans more available to farmers and agricultural co-operatives.
Update on North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiations 2017-11-08 Four rounds of talks have taken place.
Survey finds Canadians view agriculture positively 2017-11-08 Canadians have a high regard for the sector but a majority don't consider themselves knowledgeable about agriculture.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada hosts international conference on minor use pesticides 2017-11-08 Experts from around the world gather in Montreal to help farmers of specialty crops.
Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement benefits eager agriculture and agri-food exporters 2017-11-08 The trade deal, one of Canada's most ambitious trade initiatives, opens new markets in the European Union for agriculture and agri-food exporters.
Taking action against a serious global health threat 2017-11-08 New pan-Canadian framework aims to prevent and control the spread of antimicrobial resistance.
Emergency preparedness for Canadian livestock sector 2017-11-08 Tools for responding to costly potential disasters can help Canadian livestock producers.
A Food Policy for Canada 2017-11-08 Consultations on A Food Policy for Canada have wrapped up after reaching almost 45,000 Canadians in an online survey, a national Food Policy Summit, as well as regional engagement sessions held across the country.
Canadian Agricultural Partnership 2017-07-28 New agreement to help position Canada as a leader in the global economy.
A Food Policy for Canada – Let's build it together 2017-07-28 Consultations on A Food Policy for Canada are now underway - the Government of Canada is asking Canadians for their views on what should be included. Complete the online survey by August 31st, 2017 and have your say!
Hiring seasonal workers? Plan ahead! 2017-07-28 The growing volume of people coming to Canada means it's important for employers to apply early for work permits.
Wanted: New members for the National Program Advisory 2017-07-28 New and existing farmers from all regions of Canada are encouraged to apply.
Canadian Potato Genetic Resources 2017-07-28 Keeping potatoes alive: Maintaining a "living library".
Farm Debt Mediation Service: We can work it out 2017-07-28 Discover how an AAFC program is helping farmers manage financial stress.
New bioherbicide targets weeds, not crops 2017-07-28 Beware, dandelions and thistles: Phoma macrostoma is coming soon to a field near you.
Tracing Canada's livestock 2017-07-28 Livestock premises identification helps Canada respond to emergencies.
From desktop to field: Software helps farmers protect crops 2017-07-28 Software predicts the development of pests, crops and some post-harvest disorders based on hourly weather data and forecasts.
Highlights from the 2016 Census of Agriculture 2017-07-28 Conducted every five years, the Census of Agriculture provides a statistical portrait of Canada's agriculture industry and its farm operators.
Business Risk Management programs 2017-05-04 Take steps to protect your farm.
What's abuzz in your field boundaries? 2017-05-04 Think those non-cropped road allowances are good for nothing? Think again!
The Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative is back! 2017-05-04 Hire youth to complete your green projects.
New alfalfa variety will offer farmers a tougher forage 2017-05-04 Neither rain, nor snow, nor drought, nor hoof will stop this new alfalfa variety from growing and thriving in fields across the country.
The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Advance Payments Program 2017-05-04 Strengthen your financials and capitalize on opportunities this spring with a cash advance from AAFC's Advance Payments Program.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada science takes over social media 2017-05-04 The science, technologies, and innovations used to ensure Canadians enjoy the freshest products all year long were centre stage during a social media takeover day at AAFC, that was focused on food production and preservation methods.
Trade shows give agri-food exporters a competitive edge in lucrative global markets 2017-05-04 Through the Canada Pavilion, the Government of Canada helps businesses promote and distinguish their top-quality products and services under one internationally branded Canadian theme.
Budget 2017 supports Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector as an important driver of economic growth 2017-05-04 Find out how Budget 2017 is investing in the success and growth of Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector!
Celebrating 150 years of agriculture 2017-02-15 Celebrations are underway for Canada's 150th and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will be joining in on the festivities.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reopens Frelighsburg Experimental Farm 2017-02-15 Ramping up environmental research in agriculture.
Grain safety program gets off the ground 2017-02-15 Mobile unit is the first in Canada to offer grain safety training.
Digitizing Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's biological collections 2017-02-15 Modernizing historic collections could prevent a devastating pest invasion.
Coming soon! A new online tool to calculate optimum nitrogen for corn 2017-02-15 Want to save $25 to $49 per hectare? Look for this optimum nitrogen calculator.
Another banner year for Canadian exports 2017-02-15 Canada's agriculture sector saw major export breakthroughs around the world in 2016