A 10-year plan for departmental agri-science

Strategic Plan for Science, and a man holding a hat with a child in his arms who is pointing out to a farm field

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has released a renewed strategy that will guide the department's science and research activities over the next decade.

The Strategic Plan for Science is a response to pressing global challenges faced by the agricultural sector and better positions the department in contributing to a profitable, competitive, and innovative sector. AAFC will focus its research program to target increasingly complex hurdles, including the climate crisis, new threats to agriculture, and rapid advances in technology.

"In an increasingly complex world, we must be deliberate in our actions," noted Assistant Deputy Minister Dr. Gilles Saindon. "Everything we do is interconnected."

AAFC's strategy also provides a framework for both staffing decisions and collaborations with partners across Canada. To be successful, the department must continue to successfully attract, retain, and mobilize a talented, diverse, and inclusive workforce. Diversity and inclusion continue to be a key focus of the staffing roadmap, recruiting researchers with the needed expertise to tackle growing areas of agricultural science. Broader views and perspectives contribute to positive results.

The strategy also recognizes the importance of collaboration and co-developing solutions with farmers, Indigenous communities and sector stakeholders. AAFC's approach to research will continue to be open and collaborative, working together with the sector to create and test solutions in real-world situations. This will help farmers and sector partners to more quickly reap the benefits of the results, speeding up Canada's response to pressing global challenges.

"The strategy will guide us to work with purpose, openness, and in concert with one another to strengthen our chances of success," noted Associate Assistant Deputy Minister Andrew Goldstein. "We hope that you will join us in this strategic vision to help our sector face the challenges of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow."

For more information, read the Strategic Plan for Science.


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