AgPal – an easy-to-use program and service finder for your agricultural needs

There's no shortage of agricultural programs and services in Canada, but navigating information online can be overwhelming. Enter AgPal – a program and service finder with over 3,000 programs and services in one easy-to-navigate location.

AgPal gathers agricultural information from government and agricultural organizations located across the country. Discover the wide range of programs, services, market intelligence and research AgPal offers on topics such as:

  • Environment and sustainability
  • Young farmers and new entrants
  • Business plans
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Human resources
  • Climate Change
  • Mental health resources
  • And so much more!
AgPal program and service finder

AgPal is kept up to date with relevant and timely content, including information related to Financial Support. For ease of use, you can search using filters such as region, client type, commodity, topic, service or category.

Use AgPal and find programs and services for your farm or agri-business today!


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