Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada science takes over social media

May 4, 2017

Canadian growers, producers, processors, and transporters bring Canadians the food they want all year long. On April 11, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) scientists took over the department's social media channels to share some of the science, innovations and technologies used by the agriculture sector to supply a seemingly endless variety of foods – even through the winter.

Highlights included: updates to canning and pickling technology, like AAFC's newest discovery, Lactofermtation for vegetables; the science behind making apple juice clear; and breakthroughs in fruit storage, including HarvestWatch and the SmartCrate™. On the greenhouse side, Canadians interacted with experts in greenhouse technology, during a tweet chat. The conversation covered everything from historical advancements in the industry, like the Harrow Fertigation Manager for hydroponics, to new ways to use bees to deliver bio-pesticides, and advancements in LED lighting.

AAFC's goal was to raise awareness about all the ways science helps to deliver the best possible product to Canadian grocery stores.

Stay tuned for AAFC's next science social media day to be held in May.


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