The buzz on honey bees

Honey is a delicious staple in many Canadian pantries – and we have beekeepers and honey bees to thank for that! World Honey Bee Day on August 20, 2022 is the perfect day to learn more about the humble honey bee.

Honey bees pollinating powers are essential to the success of many of our agricultural crops. If you enjoy fruits, vegetables, and other crops, thank a honey bee for their role in the growing process! Beekeepers and honey bees are vital partners for farmers so that they can continue to provide Canadians with the fresh and tasty food – as well as help feed the world.

It’s estimated the honey bees contribute between 4 to 5 billion dollars per year to Canada’s economy. In 2020, Canadian bees produced around 82 million pounds of honey, which equalled over $208 million in value!

Beekeeping businesses operate in all provinces across the country, but the majority can be found in the Prairies. There were more than 11,000 beekeepers in Canada in 2020, and the industry continues to grow due to high honey prices and the fact Canadians are interested in the many benefits of bees!

What you can do to help honey bees

A number of factors including diseases, pesticides and habitat loss have contributed to declines in honey bee populations.

You can help honey bees by planting more flowers, exercising care when using pesticides, building bee homes, and even providing them with a water source. These little things help bees keep on buzzing!

Thank you to all the Canadian beekeepers and honey bees that are playing an important role in our food production system.

Celebrate World Honey Bee Day and recognize the critical contributions bees make to agriculture. Discover bees and other pollinators in your backyard by playing this game (PDF) with your family.


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