Farm Debt Mediation Service: We can work it out

July 28, 2017

The Farm Debt Mediation Service (FDMS) helps Canadian farmers overcome financial difficulties by offering financial counselling and mediation so they can get their debt repayment back on track. Qualified financial advisors and mediators help farmers and their creditors find mutually acceptable repayment arrangements.

Why use the Farm Debt Mediation Service?

  • It's free and confidential.
  • It's fast and economical, especially when compared with the court system.
  • It can suspend creditors' collection actions for a while as you consider your options.
  • It encourages ongoing dialogue between you and your creditor(s).

How does it work?

The FDMS will arrange for a qualified, independent financial consultant to meet with you and assess the financial information that you and your creditor(s) provide. The consultant will come up with a clear picture of your financial situation, help you explore your options, and work with you to develop a recovery plan.

After that, a mediator can work with you to help you and your creditor(s) find mutually acceptable solutions.

When you ask for help from the FDMS, you can opt for a financial review and mediation with or without a stay of proceedings to temporarily suspend creditors' collection actions. FDMS consultants can help you determine which process would best suit your needs.
In 2013–14, 70% of farmers who sought advice from the FDMS were able to successfully negotiate an arrangement with their creditors.

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Read about Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Farm Debt Mediation Service or call 1-866-452-5556.


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