Fields of Science – Encouraging the next generation

Wheat. Kombucha. Potatoes. Apples. Fields of Science features the work of eleven Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) scientists from coast to coast. Our scientists are proudly contributing to making sure the foods you eat are safe, high quality, and produced in sustainable ways. They conduct about half of all agriculture related research in Canada in our 20 research centres across the country.

What do agricultural scientists do?

Scientist in the image with the words “Fields of science” at the top, and “We cover a lot of ground” at the bottom

Good food starts with good research. AAFC scientists use game-changing technology to help farmers improve and protect their crops and produce food for Canadians in an environmentally friendly way. They use climate-controlled growth chambers, facilities for insect production, weather-monitoring stations, and even a small winery.

Discover how:

  • Dr. Forney is using his fine-tuned nose to sniff out Canada's next best-selling apple.
  • Dr. McNairn is working with NASA to improve soil moisture data needed to grow Canadian crops.
  • Dr. Garnham's unique process transforming crop disease into harmless anti toxins helps to better protect your food. And more!

Getting personal

Fields of Science takes a closer look at why AAFC scientists chose to pursue a career in agriculture. Our scientists share the biggest challenges in their careers and what they like most about their jobs.

Find out why they became scientists and the journeys that brought them to AAFC. Their curiosity is infectious, and their passion for discovery benefits us all.

Share Fields of Science with a youth in your life and inspire the next generation of agricultural scientists.


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