Get free COVID-19 rapid tests for your employees

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out and we move towards a safe reopening of the economy, rapid tests are an important tool that can help limit community spread and keep businesses running.

An employee working in a kitchen while wearing a mask and gloves, above the words COVID-19 rapid tests. Test your employees, help protect your business.

To ensure timely access to these tests for COVID-19 screening, the Government of Canada, some provincial and territorial governments and distribution partners are providing free rapid test kits to Canadian businesses, including employers in the agriculture and agri-food production sectors.

What are rapid tests?

Rapid antigen tests can help limit the spread of COVID-19 and prevent outbreaks by helping to identify positive cases early. They use a nasal swab, are safe and easy to administer, and produce results in 15 minutes.

What are the benefits of rapid testing?

Combined with existing public health measures, regular screening through rapid testing can help prevent COVID-19 from spreading in the workplace, especially when an employee may be infected with the virus without showing symptoms. By identifying cases early, you can help limit the spread of the virus and keep your workplace safe for employees and customers.

Some Canadian businesses are already using rapid tests to help reduce community spread and better protect their business. In March 2021, Clearwater Seafoods launched a rapid screening program for their crew on the Arctic Endurance fishing vessel. Within 24 hours of departure, all 35 crewmembers were tested and no positive cases were identified. This added layer of protection against COVID-19 provided reassurance that the vessel could continue operating while keeping crewmembers safe.

Where can you get free rapid tests for your business?

You can express your interest in receiving free rapid tests by filling out a request form.

Based on your business’s location and number of employees, you will be directed to the most suitable source of rapid tests:

  • directly from the federal government
  • through a provincial/territorial government
  • via distribution partners, including:
    • local pharmacies
    • chambers of commerce, or
    • the Canadian Red Cross

Videos: Learn more about how rapid testing can benefit your business

COVID-19 rapid tests are safe, easy to use and can help keep your workplace safe for employees and customers. Request free test kits for your workplace today.

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