Helping feed at-risk Canadians

According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 7 Canadians said they lived in households without access to adequate food for over a month during the pandemic. Unfortunately, this is not a new issue. Prior to the crisis, many were already struggling.

Canada is a prosperous country and all its citizens should have sufficient access to safe and nutritious food. To support this goal, the Government of Canada is providing an additional $10 million in funding to the Local Food Infrastructure Fund (LFIF). With this additional funding to address pandemic-related food security pressures, the Fund is supporting $23 million in projects in 2021-22.

The LFIF supports community-led projects that strengthen food systems and help at-risk Canadians eat well.

With this increase in funding, the LFIF is now taking new applications for projects that help prevent hunger by addressing simple infrastructure needs, like purchasing a refrigerator for a food bank or installing a greenhouse in a remote community. Project impacts must be targeted and immediately increase the accessibility of nutritious, and preferably local, foods for the community.

Supporting vital food security projects

Eligible applicants are not-for-profit organizations that have been operating for at least two years and Indigenous groups. They have until August 13, 2021 to apply, depending on funding availability. Rapid-response grants valued between $15,000 and $100,000 are available to support initiatives.

The additional top-up of $10 million is part of the $140 million that the Government of Canada has pledged to provide continued support to emergency hunger relief organizations, who have faced significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as higher demands and fewer resources. With this support, organizations can make sure fewer Canadians go hungry.

Quick Facts:

  • Originally a $50-million initiative, the Local Food Infrastructure Fund was launched in August 2019 under the Food Policy for Canada, a roadmap for a healthier and more sustainable food system in Canada.
  • Since 2019, the LFIF has committed $27 million to support over 625 vital food security projects across Canada.

Get more information and apply at the Local Food Infrastructure Fund page.

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