New Agriculture Emergency Management Bulletin

April 15, 2019

Extreme weather events, a changing climate, potentially devastating animal disease outbreaks and cyber threats are the types of risks that can affect Canada's growing agricultural and agri-food sector.

As the 100-year flood happens more and more often, and as more and more people travel around the world, the risks to Canada's agricultural sector grow. Knowing what steps you can take to prevent a disaster—or to mitigate the impacts and manage the fallout when something goes wrong—can make you and the sector as a whole more resilient.

The Agriculture Emergency Management (AEM) Bulletin aims to help farmers and industry better understand and stay up to date on the risks to Canada's growing agricultural and agri-food sector. It also helps farmers share tools and resources to increase the sector's emergency preparedness.

The new AEM bulletin offers

  • news and information about agricultural emergencies and emerging issues in Canada and worldwide
  • reports and other documents with information about key risks to the sector
  • resources to support your own emergency planning

Subscribe now and receive the latest bulletin by contacting Emergency Management at AAFC. The bulletin will be issued bimonthly.

Do you know about additional resources that might be useful to others in the sector? Send us links or other information for future AEM bulletins!


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