The new Canada Brand: your competitive edge in international markets

Canada Brand

Proud of your Canadian, sustainable, high-quality product? Want to use international marketing tools that are designed for today's digital-first environment? Looking for branding products that have been developed and tested with input from your peers in the industry?

Enter the new and improved Canada Brand.

Canadian products have long held a very strong reputation in international markets. And the Canada Brand, originally developed in 2006, helps Canadian agricultural and agri-food products stand out. Trusted and true, the Canada Brand has come to symbolize the innovation, sustainability, and quality that is in our very nature in this country.

Now, there's an enhanced version of that trusted brand that's more modern, flexible, easy-to-use and optimized for digital platforms. Launched in winter 2023, the refreshed Canada Brand includes a toolbox of digital assets, tailored to digital operations and e-commerce.

With an updated look, signature, messaging and a suite of digital-first marketing products, the new branding helps you reach more customers, and adds a boost to your communications with international buyers.

The Government of Canada uses the Canada Brand to help industry promote products in global markets, and as part of international tradeshow events. Hundreds of exhibitors and companies have successfully used the brand at Canada Pavilions in major tradeshows, with nine key shows planned for the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

We look forward to building on that success: helping you raise the profile of our already-fantastic reputation and stand out in those highly competitive international markets.

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