New podcast series explores the freshest ideas in Canadian ag and food

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has launched a new podcast series called The First Sixteen. The First Sixteen invites listeners to discover the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and agri‑food and to hear from the experts and innovators on what they mean for the sector and for the lives of Canadians as a whole.

The First Sixteen, a new biweekly podcast series that digs into leading edge topics in Canadian agriculture and food

If you’re curious about the name, the podcast is named after the leading 16 percent of innovation adopters in sociologist Everett Rogers’ theory of innovation diffusion. Through this name, AAFC’s podcast celebrates the innovators (2.5%) and early adopters (13.5%) of innovative practices in agriculture.

New episodes will be released every two weeks and will feature diverse topics in agricultural innovation. For farmers and foodies alike—those who like to keep it fresh and love new ideas—this podcast is for you!

Listen to The First Sixteen or through your favourite podcast app.


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