New web portal to help Canadians adapt to climate change

January 8, 2019

Climate information—including timely, accurate and trusted weather information—is critical for decisions related to agricultural production. Farmers and ranchers now have access to more decision-making tools through a new web portal launched by the Government of Canada in October 2018. These resources will help farmers take full advantage of opportunities and reduce risks.

Aimed at helping Canadians understand and adapt to climate change, the Canadian Centre for Climate Services offers one-stop access to a variety of climate data, information and tools. Features include a climate library, a climate science hub, a data download section and a new climate services support desk to help users with their climate data questions. The centre also offers training and support for individuals who want to address local climate-related risks.

"The climate services website and support desk are good complements to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)'s agroclimate website pages, like Drought Watch", explains Patrick Cherneski, manager of AAFC's National Agroclimate Information Service.

"For more than 20 years, AAFC has been providing farmers and decision-makers with agroclimate data, information and tools. Agroclimate conditions maps, drought assessments, soil-moisture monitoring, impact reporting, risk management, and climate change scenarios all help in making agricultural decisions," said Cherneski. "The new portal is more broad. It's an all-government approach that houses a wider variety of sources and sectors, for all Canadians", he added.

To learn more about the new portal and how it aims to help Canadians understand and adapt to climate change, visit the Canadian Centre for Climate Services.


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