New web portal points ag businesses to key financial supports

There is no doubt that the COVID‑19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented shock to our agri-food industry—from farms, to processing plants, to grocery stores. Changes in health and safety measures, the availability of the workforce, fluctuations in the food supply chain and in consumer demand, have all challenged Canada's food suppliers and essential businesses.

The agriculture industry is adapting, and working tirelessly on the front lines to ensure we all have safe and affordable food to eat.

This new information portal highlights new and existing financial resources available to agriculture and food businesses during the COVID‑19 pandemic. These programs can help businesses:

  • maintain their workforces,
  • adapt their facilities,
  • provide access to capital, and
  • manage processing slowdowns and surpluses.

Visit COVID-19 Financial support for farmers and food processors to see the programs and services available to you and your agri‑food business, so you can help ensure Canadians continue to have access to a safe and healthy food supply.