New website address

"" becomes, and joins the big family! This allows Canadians to have a consistent look and feel when searching for government information online.

The content of our website is still the same, and everything is in the same location. Moving without having to pack, how handy!

What you should expect

Although your bookmarks may not work after the move, we took steps to help you easily find the new corresponding pages. The most visited pages and top priority web content has been forwarded automatically to the new address. For all other pages, you will see a general message that will direct you back to the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) home page, where you can navigate back to the page you were looking for.

What you should do

  • update your bookmarks
  • update the links on your organization's website that point to AAFC web pages or ask your organization to do so

A tip to find your favourite pages using the old address

  1. Replace with (for French content: Replace with and
  2. Delete the characters at the end of the address beginning with ?id=

For example: becomes (in French becomes

This will work with many pages, but not all. If this doesn't work, you can always find your page by navigating the website. No pages have been deleted as part of the address change.