Protect yourself: Get COVID-19 booster doses


Strengthen your protection against severe illness caused by COVID-19. Keep up-to-date with all recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters. Booster doses help protect you from getting really sick by strengthening your protection against the virus.

Over time, protection from COVID-19 vaccines can decrease. A booster reminds your immune system how to protect itself and can help improve vaccine effectiveness against severe outcomes to over 90%. While it is possible to get sick with COVID-19 after getting a booster, it helps:

  • strengthen your defences against the virus;
  • protect you against severe illness and hospitalization; and,
  • potentially reduce the risk of long-term effects caused by COVID-19.

While previous COVID-19 infection can provide some protection, up-to-date vaccinations, including booster doses offer longer-lasting protection and better effectiveness.

It’s important to know that while COVID-19 can make anyone sick, people over the age of 50 are at higher risk of complications. Getting a booster dose helps keep you safe.

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