Rooted in strength – tools for becoming more resilient

February 11, 2019

Farming can provide an amazing lifestyle with great rewards, but it can also be hard on mental health, especially during the cold, isolating winter months. Farmers and their families often face high levels of stress because of forces that are beyond their control, such as weather, disease, commodity prices, and trade.

Following Budget 2018, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Minister Lawrence MacAulay mandated Farm Credit Canada (FCC) to work with and support like-minded organizations to assist Canadian producers with mental health issues through greater awareness and knowledge dissemination and to provide greater access to services and supports in rural Canada.

Minister MacAulay, along with Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture Jean-Claude Poissant, held a Facebook Live event in late 2018 to showcase how the Government of Canada and partner organizations are working together to remove the stigma around mental health.

FCC has released a series of free resources that can support you and your family in becoming more resilient during stressful times.

Visit the new Rooted in Strength website for articles, videos and more resources.


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