AgriStability 2022 Interim Payment Application

If your farm in Nova Scotia experiences financial challenges because of post-tropical storm Fiona, AgriStability can help. The governments of Canada and Nova Scotia have agreed to increase the 2022 AgriStability interim payment rate to 75%.

For the 2022 program year, the interim payment rate has increased from 50% to 75% for producers in Nova Scotia. Producers in Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Yukon can receive an interim payment based on 50% of their estimated final benefit. The interim payment feature allows you to receive an advance on your final benefit before completing your 2022 fiscal period.

An interim payment is based on estimates of your program year production margin and reference margin. To receive an interim payment, your estimated production margin must decline by more than 30% of your estimated reference margin.

To be eligible to apply for a 2022 interim payment, you must have:

  • completed a production cycle (unless you could not due to reasons beyond your control such as disaster circumstances like drought or flooding)
  • completed 6 consecutive months of farming activity
  • enrolled in AgriStability for 2022

Use the forms and guide below to apply for an interim payment. The deadline to submit a 2022 interim payment application is March 31, 2023.

If you receive an interim payment, you must submit a final 2022 application by December 31, 2023 so your final AgriStability benefit can be calculated. If you do not submit the final 2022 application by the deadline, or if your interim payment exceeds your final benefit, you will have to repay any interim benefits you received.

For more information on interim payments, see How are interim payments and targeted advance payments calculated.