Dairy Direct Payment Program: Step 4. After you register

Step 4. After you register

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) will calculate individual payments based on the percentage of each holder’s quota relative to the provincial quota as of October 31 of each year. The CDC will work closely with each of the provincial milk marketing boards to deliver the funding.

The provincial share of the payments will be calculated based on the quota allocated to each province for the 12 months ending on October 31 of each year. Within each province, the per kilogram of quota payment amount will be calculated on quota issued in October of each year by the province to its eligible producers. To receive a payment, a producer must hold quota as of October 31 of each year.

There is no maximum payment per farm. The payment amount depends on the quantity of quota held on October 31 of each year. This data will be provided by the provincial marketing milk boards to the CDC.

Eligible producers with 80 cows could receive around $38,000 each year.

Government payments to eligible producers under the program are not repayable and will be treated as income in the year the payment is received. Income tax will be assessed accordingly.

If you choose not to receive a payment from the Dairy Direct Payment Program, you do not need to do anything. However you may be contacted to confirm that you do not want to receive the payment.

Payment not received

You may not have received payment, for one of the following reasons:

  • You did not hold quota on October 31 of the payment year
  • You do not have a valid quota licence registered with your provincial milk marketing board
  • The farm belongs to an institution (school farm, research centre) that does not own quota
  • You did not register for the Dairy Direct Payment Program in either the portal or by mail which includes your acceptance of the payment
  • You changed your banking information after you registered and did not inform the Canadian Dairy Commission
  • You have not updated your contact details with your provincial office, therefore, the program was unable to contact you

Service standards

The program’s goal is to achieve its service standards at a minimum of 80% of the time under normal circumstances:

  • respond to general inquiries made to the program’s phone number or email address before the end of the next business day

Report on funding distribution

The report on the funding distribution for each province is as of March 31, 2022 and is based on producer registrations.

Provinces Funding distributed in millions
Newfoundland and Labrador 3.02
Prince Edward Island 5.93
Nova Scotia 10.13
New Brunswick 7.90
Quebec 172.70
Ontario 141.40
Manitoba 20.42
Saskatchewan 14.62
Alberta 41.99
British Columbia 42.15
Total 460.26
The amounts above are rounded.