2022 "A" Priorities for Entomology

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Project number Crop group Crop Target Pest
(common name)
Target Pest
(scientific name)
Nat. Ranking Feb-March 2022 Potential Solution
(active ingredient)
Potential Solution
AAFC23-006 09 Cucumber (GH) Thrips Frankliniella occidentalis, F. intonsa A isocycloseram Plinazolin Syngenta Canada Inc. 
AAFC23-007 13-07A Raspberry Strawberry bud weevil (clipper) Anthonomus signatus A acetamiprid + novaluron Cormoran ADAMA
AAFC23-008 22B Celery Red headed flea beetle Systena frontalis A cyclaniliprole Harvanta ISK Biosciences
AAFC23-009 N/C Field-grown conifers (incl. Christmas tree) Balsam gall midge Dasineura balsamicola, Paradiplosis tumifex A cyclaniliprole Harvanta ISK Biosciences
AAFC23-010 OP-01 Radish Flea beetles Phyllotreta spp. Organic A pyrethrins Pyganic MGK