PMC’s Top 10 Achievements 2003-2020

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Pest Management Centre (PMC) works to identify critical weed, insect, and disease problems and match them with potential management solutions.

The PMC works to research and register new solutions, including products and non-chemical options like biopesticides and management practices to be incorporated into pest management programs.

The PMC has accomplished a lot for Canada’s agriculture sector and improved our sustainability since it’s inception in 2003.

1. Crop Profiles

From apples to wheat, the PMC published 32 Crop Profiles, updated on a 3 year rotation, with information from economics and pest management, to useful control practices.

2. Field Guides

Need to know what’s eating and saving your crop? The PMC proudly helped fund the publication of some of the best crop pest field guides in Canada.

3. Minor Use Pesticide Registration

Grow a specialty crop? The PMC helped register over 2,300 new ways pest control products can be used safely.

4. Green Solutions

The PMC helped register over 20 novel ingredients that kill pests naturally; PLUS over 850 new ways that 33 different bio-pesticide products can be used safely in Canada.

5. Valuable Vectors

PMC’s team helped develop and register a first of-its-kind biopesticide delivery system that uses bumblebees as vectors to reduce the amount of pesticides being used.

6. Resistance Genes

Don’t waste time and money on plants that won’t die. PMC‘s team helped develop molecular markers to let growers quickly detect the presence of herbicide resistant weeds.

7. Carrot Trimmer

This innovation, that PMC helped transfer to growers, significantly reduces rot without the need for fungicides by trimming carrot foliage in the field.

8. Decision Tool Goes Mobile

The PMC supported the first smartphone App that helps cereal growers manage aphid pests. Find it by searching “Cereal Aphid Manager” on iOS or Android.

9. Amazing Annual Workshop

PMC is a team player. Its national, annual, 350 stakeholder-strong workshop identifies the activities needed to tackle the most important crop/pests issues in Canada.

10. Global Leadership

PMC became an international leader by hosting the 2017 Global Minor Use Summit-3 to help harmonize minor-use pesticides, reduce trade barriers, and encourage global registration of products so farmers gain access to new pest management tools more quickly.

Please note, the PMC does not provide advice on pest management to farmers or homeowners.

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