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About AgriStability

AgriStability is an important tool to help you manage risks and financial losses due to poor yields, low commodity prices, or rising input costs. AgriStability provides support when you experience a large margin decline.

AgriStability is delivered by the federal government in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Yukon.

AgriStability is delivered provincially in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island. Please visit your respective provincial administration for more information.

Use the Benefit Estimator to help you understand how the program works and how benefits are calculated.

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Video transcript

[A guitar strums. The title fades in on a black background.]

Text on screen: AgriStability Manage Your Risks

[A lens flare appears in the corner of the screen, growing brighter as the black background dissolves into the silhouette of a rooster at sunrise. The text fades away.]

[Calm, acoustic guitar music begins.]

[The lens flare grows so bright it encompasses the screen. When it diminishes, there is a new image of a field.]

[Cut to an image of boots. Farming tools on a wall. A close-up of a tractor. The photograph is animated so the wheel turns.]

[Cut to a silhouette of a farmer and her two dogs outside at sunrise. She wears a baseball cap.]

Farmer 1: I wear lots of hats.

[Cut to a cowboy hat in a barn. An equestrian helmet on a fence post. A woman in a touque flying a drone over a field. A beekeeper in a mask. A mother hugging her young son who wears a cowboy hat.]

Farmer 2: I'm a business person.

[Cut to a farmer sitting in a field using a laptop.]

Farmer 1: A soil...

[Cut to hands in soil.]

Farmer 3: ...plant...

[Cut to hands full of corn kernels.]

Farmer 4: ...livestock expert...

[Cut to a boy feeding a young cow with a bottle.]

Farmer 3: ...a mechanic...

[Cut to a man with tools fixing a tractor.]

Farmer 1: ...a meteorologist...

[Cut to a storm looming over a field.]

Farmer 4: ...and...

[Cut to a young hockey player protecting a net.]

Farmer 2: Coach of my daughter's hockey team.

Farmer 1: All that...

[Cut to a farmer staring straight into the camera.]

Farmer 4: ...and more.

[Cut to a pair of hands spooling wire fencing.]

Farmer 2: I am a manager of risks.

[The screen fades to black.]

Farmer 3: But...

[Fade up on a farmer staring out at storm clouds.]

Farmer 1: ...I can't manage Mother Nature.

[The scene dissolves to a storm over a field. Then flooded plants. Dry, cracking soil. A car submerged in a flood. A herd of cows in a blizzard.

Farmer 4: I can't control rising costs of inputs.

[The camera pans up a stack of bills. It dissolves to a rising stack of full sacks. Then to a farmer looking at an iPad amongst his crops.]

[The screen fades to black.]

Farmer 2: Despite those factors...

[The screen fades up to a tractor driving through a field at sunset.]

Farmer 3: I can still control my future...

[Cut to three generations of farmers holding maple syrup and smiling at the camera.]

All: ...with AgriStability.

[Cut to a young farmer smiling in front of equipment.]

Farmer 4: It covers my operation.

[Cut to a farmer smiling in a field.]

Farmer 1: In case of drought...

[Cut to a farmer smiling in an orchard.]

Farmer 3: ...flood...

[Cut to a farmer smiling in front of a barn of cows.]

Farmer 2: ...rising costs of inputs...

[Cut to a couple in a winery with wine glasses.]

Farmer 1: ...or market fluctuations.

[The screen fades to black. Then fades up on a farmer holding his daughter in a cornfield. She wears a cowboy hat.]

Farmer 4: It gives me that extra confidence...

[The screen fades to black. Then fades up on three hard hats hung on hooks.]

Farmer 1: ...that extra protection.

[The screen fades to black. Then fades up on a branch of cherry blossoms. A green box pops up with text.]

Text on screen: Enrol by April 30th, 2023

Farmer 2: Enrol...

Farmer 1: April 30th.

[More text flies out from behind the box.]

Text on screen:

Farmer 3: Think about it.

[A hand pops up on the green box. It clicks the box, and a green halo appears around its extended finger.]

[Cut to the wordmarks for Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Yukon.]

[Calm, acoustic guitar music ends.]

[Text appears on screen.]

[Cut to the Canada wordmark. Calm, acoustic guitar music ends.]

Benefits of participating

  • Provides support when risks are beyond your capacity to manage
  • Offers personalized and affordable coverage
  • Helps you manage your farm during periods of market downturns, falling market prices and rising input costs
  • Protects your farm against drought, flooding, poor yields or other unexpected disasters
  • Can be used to secure financing
  • Provides whole farm protection
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Important dates for the 2023 program year

  • April 30, 2023 – deadline to enrol in AgriStability for the 2023 program year
  • December 31, 2023 – final deadline to pay your 2023 fee (with penalty)
  • March 31, 2024 – deadline to apply for a 2023 Interim payment
  • September 30, 2024 – deadline to submit your 2023 form without penalty
  • December 31, 2024 – final deadline to submit your 2023 form with a penalty applied

Case studies

Learn how AgriStability helped farms that have faced various disaster situations.

Drought increases feed costs for a Manitoba cattle producer

A drought led to a feed shortage for a Manitoba cattle operator. AgriStability and AgriInvest support helped keep his cattle fed over the winter months.

Nova Scotia fruit grower fights insect infestation

A Nova Scotia tree fruit grower is forced to spend more on insect control measures to protect her crop. Assistance provided through AgriStability and AgriInvest helps cover the extra input costs and limit her losses.


Find out more

AgriStability is funded under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal, provincial, territorial initiative, which comes into effect April 1, 2023.