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Animal Pedigree Act

The act aims to support breed improvement and to protect persons who raise and purchase animals. It carries out these goals by helping to create animal pedigree associations that register and identify animals.

Animal Pedigree Act
Animal Pedigree Act - Secretary's manual

Canadian Recognized Breeds
Incorporated Breed Associations

The national contact for Animal Pedigree Act is:

Animal Registration Officer
Animal Industry Division, MISB
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
1341 Baseline Road., T5-4
Ottawa, ON K1A 0C5
Tel : 613-773-0231
Fax : 613-773-0300
E-mail :

Statistics and data

Open data portal

Animal Registrations and Transfers
Animal registrations and transfers - by region, breed within species, purebred status, and sex.

Additional information

  • Exports/Imports of Dairy Genetics
  • Enrollments on Milk Recording
  • Average Milk Production by Breed
  • Animal Genetic Resources Canada (AnGRC):
    • The Animal Genetic Resources of Canada operates a gene bank for livestock and poultry genetic resources. AnGRC operates under the Science and Technology Branch of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, helping to preserve the genetic diversity of animal breeds in Canada.


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