Dairy animal registrations

This section houses reports on the number of registrations of dairy cows and goats registered as purebred or non-purebred in accordance with the Animal Pedigree Act. This section also provides animal registration information from artificial insemination sires as well as embryo transfers. These reports are available in various formats.

For customized reports, please utilize the links provided below:

Reports displays animal registrations in Canada for purebred, non-purebred or total registrations for selected species, selected number of years, selected province(s) and selected breed(s).
Source: Statistics Canada

Animal registrations in Canada

D043A Animal registrations in Canada
D043B Female registrations in Canada
D043C Animal registrations in Canada
D043D registrations of animals from artificial insemination sires in Canada
D043E registrations of animals from embryo transfer in Canada

Animal registrations by province

D043A1 Animal registrations by province
D043A2 Female registrations by province
D043B1 Animal registrations by breed and by province
D043B2 Female registrations by breed and by province

Open data portal

Animal registrations and transfers
Animal registrations and transfers for purebred and non-purebred animals, including those animals' species, breeds, genders, quantities, and their origins.

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