Sales and manufacturing of dairy products

This section houses reports on manufacturing of dairy products, sales of fluid milk and cream, value of manufactured shipments along with other reports with manufacturing information in various formats.

Overview of Canada's manufactured shipments - 2020


Source: Statistics Canada

The table below represents the data to produce the graph above
Value of manufactured shipments
Products %
Milk and dairy products 13.0
Beverages 10.7
Meat 18.6
Poultry 6.6
Fruits and vegetables 7.2
Bakery 10.2
Seafood 4.2
Grains and oilseeds 8.7
Sugar and confectionery 3.2
Animal food 7.0
Others 10.6

Links to sales & manufacturing of dairy products reports provided by Statistics Canada:

Sales of fluid milk and cream

Reports displays commercial sales of milk and cream, Canada and provinces (in kilolitres). Data are available on a monthly basis.

Commercial sales of milk
Commercial sales of cream

Production of selected dairy products

Reports displays production of selected products, by dairy manufacturers, Canada and provinces (tonnes unless otherwise noted). Data are available on a monthly basis. (Table: 32-10-0109, 32-10-0111-01, 0132-10-0112-01 and 32-10-0247-01)

Production of cheese (Table:32-10-0112-01)
Production of cheese by variety in Canada (Table:32-10-0112-01)
Production of process cheese in Canada (Table: 32-10-0109-01)
Production of butter (Table: 32-10-0111-01)
Production of ice cream (Table:32-10-0112-01)
Production of yogurt (Table:32-10-0112-01)
Production of milk powder products (Table: 32-10-0247-01)
Production of concentrated milk products (Table: 32-10-0247-01)

Manufactured shipments

Manufacturers' sales, inventories, orders and inventory to sales ratios, by industry (dollars unless otherwise noted)
Reports displays monthly Canadian manufacturers' sales, new orders, unfilled orders, raw materials, goods or work in process, finished goods, total inventories, inventory to sales ratios and finished goods to sales ratios for durable and non-durable goods by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), in dollars unless otherwise noted. Unadjusted and seasonally adjusted values available from January 1992 to the current reference month.
(Table: 16-10-0047-01)

World production

Reports displays the world production by products in selected countries.
Source: Statistics Canada and International Dairy Federation

DP002C World production of fluid milk
DP002D World production of dairy products

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