Canada's chicken industry

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  • In 2020, Canadian chicken production generated $2.8 billion, contributing 4.0% of cash receipts to farming operations.
  • In 2020, there were 2,837 regulated chicken producers in Canada.
  • In 2020, Canada produced 1.27 billion kilograms of chicken (eviscerated weight), 60% of which was produced in Quebec and Ontario. Food availability of chicken in 2020 was 34.4 kilograms per person.
  • That same year, the average chicken farm produced 258,285 kilograms of chicken meat (eviscerated weight).
  • In 2020, Canada exported over 2.6 million chicks worth over $14.5 million to 39 countries. The United States was the largest market (64% in head count). Other countries included Brazil, China, Germany, Denmark and Taiwan.
  • In 2020, 128 million kilograms of chicken meat and edible bi-products (fresh, chilled, frozen), worth $501 million, was exported to 50 countries, with the major destinations being the United States, Philippines and Taiwan.


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