Implementation of Section 41, Part VII, Official Languages Act

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is committed to fostering the growth and vitality of Francophone and Anglophone minority communities in the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector and to promoting the full recognition and use of both English and French in Canadian Society.

Our commitments and measures will continue to strengthen partnerships with the agriculture and agri-food sector in official-language minority communities (OLMCs) and help their socio-economic development, build their community capacity and enhance their potential and vitality.

Our development efforts are based on what we hear from OLMCs and our federal partners. We are committed to cultivating this relationship and to working with OLMCs with the following three objectives in mind:

  1. Vibrant minority language communities;
  2. Duality of English and French in Canadian society; and
  3. A coordinated federal approach.

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