Recruitment programs

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's inventories

AAFC is proud to have established three national inventories from which we staff a variety of positions. These inventories are used by managers across the country to find candidates to fill their positions.

  • Research Scientist Inventory: Our scientist inventory is open to candidates across Canada and is used to staff a variety of research science positions, ranging from entry to senior level. Learn more about Research Scientists – Growing Agricultural Innovation ( Apply today to become a research scientist.
  • General Inventory: The general inventory is open to any and all interested candidates regardless of level of degree, experience, language ability and location. To apply to the General Inventory, please visit our recruitment platform. If you have any questions, please contact us at 

    For help applying to any of the above inventories, please contact a recruitment specialist at:

    Student employment

    Begin your career by applying for student employment in the federal government through the

    In addition, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Indigenous Student Recruitment Initiative offers Indigenous students work experience that allows for personal growth while contributing to the goals of the department.

    Opportunities for graduates

    If you are graduating shortly or if you are a recent graduate, check out

    Development programs

    Professional Development and Apprenticeship Programs provide a structured learning approach to employee development. They consist of formal training, coaching, and developmental assignments within a defined learning framework. They are an effective strategy to attract, retain, and develop employees.

    There are currently 5 development programs at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:

    • The Economics and Social Science Services Development Program is aimed at developing participants from the EC-02, 03 and 04 positions up to the EC-05 level.
    • The Human Resources Development Program is designed for HR employees working in PE01-02 and AS02-03 positions to acquire experience and develop their HR competencies.
    • As part of Financial Community Development, a Financial Officer Development Program is available to FI-01s in the department. This is a professional development and apprenticeship program that focuses on learning and development opportunities. It provides participants with the experience and knowledge necessary in order to attain the skills and competencies required to perform at the FI-02 level.
    • The Administrative Recruitment and Development Program is designed to bring structure and consistency to the training and development of administrative professionals.
    • The Commerce Officer Development Program is a professional development program for commerce officers in Programs and Market and Industry Services Branches at the CO-Development (CO-00) and (CO-01) levels. The ultimate objective is to develop a strong commerce officer workforce to work closely with industry to foster a competitive agriculture and agri-food sector.

    Recruitment campaigns for these programs are done through GCJobs. If any of them interest you, make sure to set up notifications through GC Jobs to receive email alerts for new campaigns.

    Governor in Council and ministerial appointments

    The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is responsible for recommending Governor in Council appointments to five different entities as well as ministerial appointments of Board and Committee members for two entities.

    To learn more about careers at AAFC, contact a recruitment specialist at