Land-Based System


The Agri-Environment Services Branch (AESB) now delivers programs to producers which were previously delivered through the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA).

In order to manage the delivery of these programs, an Information Technology (IT) Land-Based System for application processing and program payments was developed. AESB 's Land-Based System (LBS) is an integrated computer system framework created to handle the specialized needs associated with the delivery of land-based programming. It accommodates multiple programs which share common system modules and client information.

The programs currently delivered using LBS technology include:

  • Circovirus Inoculation Program
  • Cover Crop Protection Program
  • National Farm Stewardship Program
  • Greencover Canada


As the Land-Based System involves the collection and management of personal information, a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) was conducted to determine if there were any privacy risks, and if so, to make recommendations for their resolution or mitigation.


The scope of the PIA was restricted to the business process and basic data flows of personal information associated with the programs delivered using LBS , as well as the Client Service Centre (CSC). This included AAFC 's collection, use, retention, disclosure and disposition of personal information in the context of the programs delivered.

Personal Information Bank AAFC  PPU 624 outlines the details regarding the personal information collected under the LBS , including the purpose, use, retention and disposal standards.


As a result of the PIA , measures have been determined to mitigate any risks associated with the collection of personal information. These include: assigning an individual with responsibility for privacy and security; development of a formal structure and procedures for future land-based programs; restricting the collection of the Social Insurance Number; and revision of Personal Information Bank details.

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