Agricultural Climate Solutions – Living Labs video

Video transcript

[Moderate, technological music plays.]

[A stylized leaf sprouts on a paper background. Text slides out from behind it.]

Text on screen: Agricultural Climate Solutions

Narrator: Farmers and scientists know the impacts of floods, droughts, and fires…

[Clouds descend. Snow falls on the leaf and the text.]

… which are becoming more frequent.

[The snow turns to rain, creating large waves.]

Climate change is one of our greatest challenges.

[The clouds and waves disappear, replaced by a sun. Heat waves distort the leaf and text.]

But there are solutions, and the Canadian government has set a clear goal...

[The text and leaf disappear as thick clouds rise. The narrator's dialogue is emphasized by identical text on screen.]

… to cut emissions by more than 30% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

[The clouds part, revealing an illustrated landscape of farmland, with text in the blue sky.]

Text on screen: Farmers are stewards of the land

Indeed, farmers are stewards of the land, and in collaboration with Canadian scientists, they are well-positioned to provide some of these solutions.

[Zoom in on the landscape, until it's replaced by an illustrated barn with new text in the sky.]

Text on screen: Agricultural Climate Solutions Program

It's why the Agricultural Climate Solutions Program was developed...

[Illustrated farmers and business people appear in front of the barn.]

... a new program to help harness the natural power of the soil to store carbon and keep it out of the atmosphere. It will help develop effective, practical, and economic solutions…

[The words "effective," "practical," "economical," and "solutions" appear for emphasis as the narrator speaks.]

… to help combat climate change.

[Beside the barn, farmers work in a field. New text appears in the sky.]

Text on screen: Funding for on-farm initiatives

Agricultural Climate Solutions will use the same collaborative on-farm approach used by the Living Laboratories initiative.

Text on screen: Living Labs collaborative approach

It will create collaboration hubs, including researchers, agricultural associations, farmers, environmental organizations, Indigenous groups, and others. This collaboration will lead to the co-development and sharing of sustainable farming practices.

[One of the farmers raises a tablet he holds. Zoom in on the tablet, until it shows a bird's eye view of barns and fields.]

These practices have the potential to trap and store carbon on farms…

[A finger points to different sections of the tablet screen. Text of the narrator's dialogue appears to emphasize his points.]

… reduce greenhouse gasses, improve water and soil quality, and protect the diversity of soil organism, plants, and animals on farms.

[The finger swipes left, getting rid of the landscape and revealing a bar graph and pie charts. The narrator's dialogue is again emphasized with text.]

Because of this unique on-farm approach, environmentally-friendly innovations suited for today's agriculture can be tested and deployed quickly to farms across Canada.

[A video chat pops up on the tablet with four participants.]

Be part of a powerful nation-wide network that will deliver the right solutions across the country to help farms and Canadians.

[The tablet lowers, revealing another barn landscape. Many different figures dressed for a wide variety of jobs appear in front of it. The narrator's words are emphasized with identical text.]

This program is for agriculture industry associations, not-for-profit environmental organizations including cooperatives, and Indigenous groups who are working in collaboration with producers.

[The landscape and people fall away, replaced by the plain paper background once more. The Agricultural Climate Solutions logo appears. A URL appears beneath it.]

Be a part of Agricultural Climate Solutions.

Text on screen: Learn more at:

[The Canada wordmark appears on screen. The music ends. The screen goes black.]