The Canada Pavilion: Your gateway to new markets

Video transcript

[Video opens with a clip of a plane taking off.]

[Upbeat rhythmic music starts, cut to a woman staring out a sunny plane window.]

Jerry: Why do you come to a place like SIAL?

[Cut to SIAL banner with plane flying by in sky above.]

You come here hoping to build a relationship...

[Cut to clip of business people walking in airport.]

...maybe find a good contact...

[Cut to European landmark.]

[Cut to European Skyline.]

…and then begin to work with them on building a market over in this part of the world.

[Screen quickly changes between clips of European waterways and buildings.]

Mike: Each country is a little bit different, so it’s nice to come to an event like SIAL because we can see all of them.

[Cut to fast changing images of posters for other European trade shows.]

[Cut to SIAL welcome banner across large entrance where many people enter the event.]

Text on screen: The Canada Pavilion: Gateway to new markets.

[Cut to Jerry Bigham standing outside SIAL trade show.]

Text on screen: Jerry Bigham. President, Kinnikinnick foods.

Jerry: Jerry Bigham, I’m the President and CEO of Kinnikinnick foods.

[Cut to Mike Cooke standing outside SIAL trade show.]

Text on screen: Mike Cooke. VP of Sales, Daiya Foods.

Mike: Mike Cooke from the Daiya Food company out of Vancouver, Canada.

[Cut to animation of planes traveling around the globe from space.]

[Cut to image of Canada booth in SIAL show.]

This is our second trip to SIAL. We love being here. At this SIAL we have already talked to people from various companies in the Middle East.

[Cut back to animation of planes traveling around the globe from space.]

[Cut to a plane landing animation.]

We’re going to start doing business in Israel because of being here. In Europe...

[Cut to clip of a windmill in Holland.]

[Cut to clip of buildings in Belgium.]

...we talked to people from Holland; Belgium. We also have business in the UK...

[Cut to clip of Gherkin building in London, UK.]

…and then we plan to spread to Spain, Italy, and France in the next few years.

[Cut to clip of leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.]

[Cut to clip of Eiffel tower in Paris, France.]

[Animation of small light beams traveling all around a globe slowly fades into the screen.]

[Cut to Jerry outside SIAL.]

Jerry: So you come to a show like this to get some feedback from Europeans…

[Cut to clip of attendees networking at the Canada pavilion inside SIAL.] they approach business, how they want to do business…

[Cut to group of people taste testing a Canadian product at the pavilion.]

...what are they interested in?

[Cut to Mike outside SIAL.]

Mike: The interesting part is to get some feet on the ground and know some people here...

[Cut to clip of Canadian exporters talking with the French trade commissioner.]

…and the Trade Commissioners, when I was at SIAL two years ago...

[Cut to a Canadian exporter talking at the pavilion.]

… I met with each of them from each of the countries. And they know distributors, they know other people, they know contacts, so that we can kind of start learning it.

[Cut to a woman giving a presentation to a group of trade commissioners at SIAL.]

Jerry: I had some great meetings with literally 12-13 trade commissioners the other morning, I’m sure out of that we’ll get one, or two or three interested parties.

[Cut to time lapse of attendees approaching the Canada pavilion at SIAL.]

...You’ve got to spend a lot of time at it…

[Cut to Jerry outside.]

… but this is a first step to identifying some of the interest.

[Cut to Mike outside.]

Mike: A big thank you to the Canadian government and the program, to help us get here.

[Cut to a clip of the Eiffel tower at dusk. A blue banner crosses the screen.]

Text on banner: Learn More

[Text on banner changes.]

Text on banner:

[Banner fades away.]

[Cut to Jerry outside SIAL.]

Jerry: I can tell you right now that if you sell maple syrup, this is a great place to be, because there sure are lots of people that are interested in maple syrup.

[Screen fades into the Canada wordmark. The upbeat, dance music fades out.]

Text on screen: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2020)

[Screen fades to black.]