Video - Participate in a Canada Pavilion

Experience what it feels like to participate in a Canada Pavilion at an international trade show.

Video Transcript

Bruce Holbrook, Isobel & Company

"I think the biggest part is you're part of a team, and the Canadian team is extremely strong and very well supported in the back. And for us, as a new person coming to the show, we feel very secure with the knowledge that we have great back up and great support with information."

Debbie Etsell, BC Blueberry Council

"We find the value of being in the Canada Pavilion a great asset. Canada is known as a quality and good business partner, and BC Blueberries appreciates that and likes working with it. When we go to a market on our own, independently, we find that the strong leads, that qualified business cooperation, is 15 times higher when we're in the Canada Pavilion."

Hicham El Ghissassi, Agri-Food Export Group Quebec-Canada

"We are proud to partner with the Canadian pavilion because you do a great job preparing everything and you manage the networking activities that allow exhibitors to meet with clients easily, for potential customers to build significant business relations, now and in the future. You organize it all. (and you have a beautiful kisoque and I congratulate you very much for your work.) All we have to do is arrive with brochures and products to display and work the show, and that is why we are proud to be part of the Canadian pavilion."

Dave McGuire, Prince Edward Island Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development

"It is great prestige associated with it and in terms of getting out there in the world, it's a global market out there, Canada has an excellent position and its important for us to align ourselves with that verses just simply being a province. We want to be a country."

Christina Burridge, BC Salmon

"...and I think in the last few years, and this year in particular, it really looks fantastic. And it does a great service to Canadian exporters to bring everyone together in a really good-looking booth under a clear, Canadian identity."