Let's celebrate Canada's Agriculture Day (video)

Video Transcript

[Uplifting, rhythmic music starts.]

[Video opens on a white screen, small colourful triangles spiral around the screen.]

[Cut to close up clip of man and woman carrying a crate of corn through a field.]

Marie-Claude Bibeau: They feed us.

[Cut to clip of workers packaging peppers in a processing facility.]

They employ us.

[Cut to clip of greenhouses lit up at dawn.]

Our farmers work at all hours…

[Cut to close-up clip of woman sorting blueberries into baskets to sell at a fruit stand.]

…to put high quality food on our tables…

[Cut to clip of customer buying a container of blueberries from fruit stand.]

…each and every day.

[Cut to clip of young boy drinking a glass of milk at the dinner table.]

[Cut to The Honourable Marie Claude Bibeau in a greenhouse being interviewed. A white banner fades onto the screen with text.]

Text on screen: The Honourable Marie Claude Bibeau. Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.]

One in eight working Canadians is in the agriculture sector…

[Cut to clip of employee at a cheese factory placing cheese wheels in a cleaning machine.]

…with over 200,000 farms across the country…

[Cut to aerial clip of farmland.]

…and countless small and medium-sized businesses.

[Cut to clip of employee bottling and labelling maple syrup.]

Agriculture is at the heart of our communities.

[Cut to clip of customer speaking to a vendor at a farmers market about carrots. A mother and daughter preparing their dinner table. A family apple picking.]

It’s key to our rural vitality.

[Cut to clip of ranchers herding their cows on rolling hills.]

On Canada’s Agriculture Day…

[Cut to clip of workers harvesting rice on a boat.]

…we celebrate our farmers and food producers.

[Cut to clip of a beekeeper examining his colony. A farmer covering a truck of seeds with a tarp.]

Canadians can be so proud…

[Cut to clip of two scientists in a lab examining carrots for research.]

…of the amazing men and the women across the country…

[Cut to a clip of farm workers inspecting plants in a field.]

…who have stories of resilience…

[Cut to a clip of a farmer sweeping aphids off his wheat crop with a net.]

…and innovation.

[Cut to a clip of farmers harvesting cranberries from a pond. A female researcher examining a sample under a magnifying glass in a lab. A male researcher placing droplets into a sample tray in a lab.]

Our farmers work hard.

[Cut to a clip of farm workers harvesting lettuce.]

They take care of their animals…

[Cut to a clip of a female farmer petting a cow.]

…their crops, and our environment.

[Cut to a clip of a farmer sorting through tea leaves in a bin.]

This is their legacy to their children.

[Cut to a clip of a farmer and his young son sweeping a barn.]

They are an endless source of inspiration…

[Cut back to Minister Marie Claude Bibeau.]

…and I want to tell them “thank you.”

[Cut to montage of images of Minister Bibeau with Canadian farmers and other workers in the agricultural sector.]

I want to say we have your back, and I look forward to working with you.

[Cut to a clip of Minister Bibeau speaking with a researcher in a greenhouse.]

I see a bright future for the agricultural sector in Canada.

[Cut back to Minister Marie Claude Bibeau.]

Happy Canada’s Agriculture Day.

[Screen fades to white, small colourful triangles spiral around the screen then burst and turn into test with a maple leaf illustration.]

Text on screen: Let's celebrate Canada's Agriculture Day!

[Music fades out. Fade to the Canada wordmark.]

Text on screen: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2020)