Reliable tools for steady hands

Business Risk Management Programs are supporting Canadian farmers with the many challenges they face

Unpredictable weather, crop or animal disease, market volatility, high input costs: risks like these can impact a farm’s bottom line, and future success.

Business Risk Management programs are the tools that provide agricultural producers with protection against income and production losses, helping them manage risks that threaten the viability of their farms.

On average, these programs provide $1.6 billion each year. Support could exceed $2.0 billion in 2020.

Don’t leave these tools on the bench


Provides support when producers experience a large margin decline

  • The deadline for enrolment was extended to July 3, 2020
  • Should current conditions persist, payments could reach up to $433 million for 2020
  • Interim payments have been boosted from 50 to 75% in nearly all jurisdictions
  • Payments received from private insurance will no longer be considered as income for program calculations
  • A new pilot will be available in 2021 in select jurisdictions to make joining the program easier
  • Producers can use the on-line AgriStability Benefits Estimator to understand how the program works and how the benefits are calculated


Provides cash flow to help income declines

  • Canadian agricultural producers have almost $2.3 billion in their AgriInvest accounts which can be accessed at any time.
  • Federal and provincial governments provide on average close to $250 million in matching contributions to AgriInvest accounts every year.
  • The average producer has close to $25,000 in their AgriInvest account, with the average in some sectors reaching as high as $93,000


Provides cost-shared insurance against natural hazards to reduce the financial impact of production or asset losses

  • Ontario farmers enrolled in an eligible production insurance plan who suffer from crop losses due to labour disruptions during the 2020 growing season will have access to further insurance coverage through Agricorp
  • Work continues with the provinces to help producers cover losses under AgriInsurance due to labour shortages in horticulture
  • Governments helped support premiums to insure over 72 millions acres in 2019
  • Government contributions to AgriInsurance and Wildlife compensations were over $1 billion in 2019.


A federal, provincial, territorial disaster relief framework to help producers with the extraordinary costs of activities necessary for recovery following natural disaster events

  • Up to $125 million in federal support is available for cattle, hog, and other sectors in dealing with the impacts of COVID-19
  • The federal government will provide 60% of the cost for each initiative

Advance Payments Program

A federal loan guarantee program which provides agricultural producers with easy access to low-interest cash advances of up to $1 million

  • More than $3 billion in advances were provided in 2019 and $178 million in APP repayments were eligible for delayed repayment in 2020 by introducing Stays of Default to help ensure producers have more money on hand in a difficult time