Animal Genetic Resources - Tools for Decision Support

Compare Animals

Allows the user to compare two or more animals.

What You Will See - Report and Chart Examples

  • Example of the Compare Animals Report

    Compare measurements on from 2 to 5 different animals. You can specify animals by Repository ID if you know it, or you can search for animals by taxonomy or by identification. This is a complete report showing everything we know about the selected animals.

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  • Example of the Pedigree Chart

    Display the family tree for an animal you specify. You will see the ancestors and descendants in graphical form. The “more info…” link generates a pop-up window showing animal details, observations,and cryopreserved germplasm. You can also explore the pedigree by selecting an ancestor or a descendant.

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  • Example of the Coefficient of Relationship Chart

    How closely related are two animals? This report shows the genetic relationship coefficient between two animals. You can also search for animals that are related to a specified degree.

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