Pest Management Centre: Advisory and Technical Committees

Pest Management Centre Advisory Committee

The Pest Management Centre (PMC) consults with a variety of stakeholder organizations through an Advisory Committee that includes representatives from farm and commodity groups, the pest control industry and other groups.

It provides Pest Management Centre-Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (PMC-AAFC) with broad, strategic advice to support the program's goals, and on specific topics such as operational policies and program criteria, approaches to reducing risk, emerging issues, communications activities, leveraging funds, and research needs. The committee is a valuable vehicle to report progress and results to interested stakeholder groups.

Minor Use Pesticides Technical Working Group

The Minor Use Pesticides Technical Working Group reports to the Pest Management Centre Advisory Committee. The group includes representation from growers, pesticide manufacturers and provincial minor use coordinators. The group provides advice to Minor Use Pesticides on a variety of issues, such as the process used for identifying minor use priorities, protocol development, the drafting of registration submissions, submission mechanics, as well as collaborative projects with companies and with the United States IR-4 Minor Use program.

Pesticide Risk Reduction Technical Working Group

The Pesticide Risk Reduction Technical Working Group includes representation from provincial governments, other Government of Canada departments, non-governmental organizations, grower associations and commodity group representatives. The group reviews the activities of Pesticide Risk Reduction and provides advice and technical assistance on a variety of issues, such as crop priorities, crop profile development, data collection and IPM adoption.

The group also serves as a means of communication to stakeholders at a regional level and many of the members of the group participate in other working groups and subcommittees involved in the development of risk reduction strategies. The group meets face-to-face once a year in March and conducts other meetings via telephone conference calls throughout the year.