2021 "A" Priorities for weeds/growth regulators

2021 "A" Priorities for Weeds and growth regulators (PDF Version, 102 KB)

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Agriculture and
Agri-Food Canada
Project Number
National Ranking Crop Group Crop Target Pest
(common name)
Target Pest
(scientific name)
Potential Solution
(active ingredient)
Potential Solution
22-010 A 01 Carrot Redroot pigweed, Green pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus, Amaranthus powellii oxyfluorfen (half rate) Goal 2XL NuFarm
22-011 A 13-07A Raspberry Labelled Weeds Ranunculus repens, Solidago sp., Vicia cracca tiafenacil Tergeo ISK
22-012 A 13-07B Blueberry, highbush Labelled Weeds Rorippa sylvestris, Ranunculaceae tiafenacil Tergeo ISK
22-013 A 13-07B Honeysuckle, edible (haskap) Labelled Weeds Not applicable  quizalofop-p-ethyl Assure II AMVAC
22-014 A 15 Buckwheat Labelled Weeds Not applicable  flumioxazin Valtera Valent
22-015 A 17 Bromegrass, hybrid, meadow, smooth (established) for seed and forage Growth Regulation Not applicable  chlormequat chloride Manipulator Belchim
22-016 A It is not included in any crop group Hemp Labelled Weeds Agropyron repens clethodim Select UPL
22-017 Regional upgrade Quebec 03-07A Shallot, dry bulb Labelled Weeds Not applicable  dimethenamid-p Frontier Max BASF
22-018 Regional upgrade Atlantic 13-07G, H Cranberry Labelled Weeds Not applicable  rimsulfuron Prism SG Herbicide Production Agriscience Canada Company