Animal Genetic Resources of Canada

The Animal Genetic Resources of Canada operates a genebank for livestock and poultry genetic resources. Exploring these pages you will find information concerning the genetic resources collection and other issues related to genetic resources and how the genebank operates.


Services and information

About the collection

Find out more about Animal Genetic Resources of Canada and how it operates.

General Overview of Inventory

Uses a drilldown format that allows you to see the collection by species, breed, line, and individual. You can also specify sample type (DNA, semen/sperm or embryos).

Tools for Decision Support

Allows the user to search for animals that meet their criteria in order to make a germplasm request.

Germplasm Donation and Request

Provides an overview of how germplasm can be donated and requested.

Trends and Statistics

Updated information containing charts that describe the germplasm inventory composition, sample sizes, animals, lines, and breeds.