The SpectrAAC-2: A fast and effective device for validating food quality and authenticity (Video)

See how this invention allows us to quickly assess the quality and authenticity of any food, whether liquid or solid.

Video Transcript

The SPECTRAAC-2 is a device for taking food quality measurements.

The food is stimulated so that it emits light by itself.

This light is captured, producing what we call spectra.

These spectra are placed into banks that make up our databases.

The main possibilities of this technology are in the measuring of food’s freshness and authenticity.

A wide variety of foods can be measured.

This is characteristic of the method we’re using.

Powders, liquids, syrups, solids, ideally solids that have been ground up or pastes.

Virtually all foods give us a signal.

A device like this costs about 10 thousand dollars to build.

It’s a piece of equipment that we built here in the laboratory, that we assembled entirely in the laboratory.

In addition, many of the parts are 3D printed.

There is practically no sample preparation.

The food can be taken directly, placed on the device and measured.

It’s extremely fast; it runs at an industrial pace.

The next step, I think, is to set up larger databases with manufacturers so that we have a greater capacity for quality control.