Crop protection

Manage plant disease, insects and other pests, mitigate risks to crops during drought and crop protection information

Services and information

Crop protection methods

Pest management resources

Crop profiles, fact sheets, and publications about crop protection information for field crops and forages, fruit, greenhouse and ornamental crops, pesticide management and vegetables

Diseases and pests in agroforestry

Diseases and pests common in the Canadian prairies

Pest Management Centre

Research trials, product registration support, pest management strategies, information about our offices and mandate

Mitigate risk to crops in drought conditions

Managing agroclimate risk

Farm practices for managing drought

Adapting dryland cropping systems for drought conditions

Reduce the impact to crops, soil degradation from drought events

Technology to help you control insect and disease

Pest forecasting software – CIPRA

Predict insect and disease development based on hourly weather data. Determine when to apply plant protection measures

Cereal Aphid Manager mobile app

Control aphid populations and know the best time to apply insecticide