Agricultural production tools and data

Information on weather and climate relevant to the agricultural sector, drought, interactive maps, geospatial data, soil and land resource information, crop protection, water quality and supply related to farming, Drought Watch.

Services and information

Weather and drought

Weather conditions, Canadian drought monitor, interactive maps, extreme weather, agroclimate risk report

Crop protection

Disease and pest management, crop profiles and protection, adapting for drought, agroforestry pests, Cereal Aphid mobile app

Soil and land related to agriculture

Soil heath and fertility, satellite monitoring, soil data, CANSIS, land inventory, on-farm biodiversity

Geospatial products

Interactive agriculture-related maps, geospatial data, crop yields, ecosystem monitoring

Holos software program

Estimate and test possible ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your farm


Farm water management, ground water quality, well construction, ponds and dugouts, conservation in drought