Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency permits, licences and authorizations

Racecourse associations may be approved to offer pari-mutuel betting on races conducted at their racetracks, as well as at other Canadian and international racetracks. This allows for a range of betting options for the Canadian public. There are three different ways to offer pari-mutuel betting on races:

  1. Inter-track betting allows two or more racetracks to form betting networks where all bets are combined into a common pool located at the Canadian pool host racetrack in the network.
  2. Foreign race inter-track betting is Canadian racetracks combining betting pools with foreign host racetracks to form a common pool for bets placed on a race at a foreign location.
  3. Separate pool betting occurs when all monies bet are combined at a pool host racetrack while the races are conducted at a different racecourse, either a domestic or foreign race host.

Betting permit

Betting permits allow Canadian racecourse associations to conduct pari-mutuel betting at their racetracks by hosting pari-mutuel pools approved in their permit. The betting must be in accordance with section 204 of the Criminal Code and the Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations. The Canadian racecourse association must also be a federally or provincially incorporated entity, own or lease a racetrack and must regularly conduct horse races as part of its business.

Betting Theatre Licence

A Betting Theatre Licence allows a Canadian racecourse association to conduct pari-mutuel betting at a location remote from the racetrack. Each remote location requires a separate Betting Theatre Licence.

To inquire how to receive authorization to conduct pari-mutuel betting, please contact the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency