Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) is a special operating agency within Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada that regulates and supervises pari-mutuel betting in Canada on horse races, to ensure that pari-mutuel betting is conducted in a way that is fair to the public.

The CPMA protects the betting public by ensuring that a modern and effective regulatory framework is in place.


The CPMA provides the following services:

  • Provides permits, licences and authorizations to Canadian racetrack and betting theatre operators to conduct pari-mutuel betting on horse races.
  • Audits and monitors pari-mutuel betting activities.
  • Enforces pari-mutuel betting regulations.
  • Tests horses to deter the use of prohibited substances through the Equine Drug Control Program.
  • Provides information on the use of approved medications.