Government of Canada Human Resource Management System (Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise application), version 8.9


On February 25, 2008, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (AAFC-CFIA) began the process of upgrading the current PeopleSoft instance of the Government of Canada Human Resources Management System (GC HRMS) v8.9. The launch of the most current module took place in September 2009 and completed this phase of implementation.

The upgrade includes a move to a more current version from the previous GC HRMS  8.0 release. AAFC - CFIA has implemented a number of the core modules delivered by Oracle and the GC HRMS Program Centre. In addition to enhancing that functionality from within the 8.0 version, the scope of this upgrade includes the release of new functionality not previously utilized at AAFC and includes Health and Safety, ePayCard, ePerformance and Recruiting/Staffing modules. Customizations have been introduced to ensure that the application can meet business requirements.

  • Health and Safety allows for the tracking of safety related work place incidents.
  • ePayCard sets to eliminate redundant work effort by replacing manually maintained pay cards with an electronic version by drawing upon information contained within GC HRMS  v8.9 and the Regional Pay System.
  • ePerformance is directed at facilitating the administration of AAFC ’s employee performance management program (EPMP) emphasizing competencies and results-based management. Provides for the tracking and monitoring of employee performance reviews and training.
  • Recruiting/Staffing facilitates the initiation and administration of some transactional staffing actions previously performed through a web-based AAFC application process known as Express Lane Staffing.


A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) of the PeopleSoft GC HRMS  v.8.9 was conducted to determine if there were any privacy issues, and if so, to make recommendations for their resolution or mitigation.


The scope of the PIA was limited to the GC HRMS  v.8.9 as customised by AAFC . The PIA focused on the assessment of personal information collected, used, disclosed and retained in the GC GRMS v.8.9 system.

The Employee Standard Personal Information Banks (PIBs) which are applicable to the information stored within the GC HRMS implemented at AAFC are indicated below.

  • PSE 903: Attendance and Leave
  • PSE 902: Staffing
  • PSE 911: Discipline
  • PSE 901: Employee Personnel Records
  • PSE 918: Employee Equity Program
  • PSE 910: Grievances
  • PSE 919: Harassment
  • PSE 907: Occupational Safety and Health
  • PSE 906: Official Languages
  • PSE 904: Pay and Benefits
  • PSE 912: Performance Review and Employee Appraisals
  • PSE 920: Recognition Policy
  • PSE 905: Training and Development
  • PSE 915: Value and Ethics Code for the Public Service

These PIBs outline the details regarding the personal information collected under the PeopleSoft GC HRMS  v.8.9, including the purpose, use, retention and disposal standards. Full descriptions of these information banks can be found at the Info Source website.


As a result of the PIA , measures have been determined to mitigate any risks associated with the collection of personal information. These include: limited retention, consistent notices at point of collection and safeguards to secure the personal information.

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