Government of Canada is advancing measures that support environment and climate outcomes in the agriculture sector

Canada is advancing strategies to reduce emissions, improve climate resilience, create jobs and protect the livelihoods of Canadians. Many of these strategies will provide growth opportunities for the Canadian agricultural sector through innovations to drive methane and nitrous oxide reduction, increase biofuel production, climate adaptation and clean technology adoption.

  • Carbon Pricing – To spur economic growth and emissions reduction, the Government of Canada prices carbon pollution. Under the federal system, relief is provided for farmers and residents of rural and small communities, and other affected sectors.
  • Clean Fuel Regulations – This standard is part of Canada’s climate plan to reduce emissions, accelerate the use of clean technologies and fuels, and create good jobs in a diversified economy. Opportunities for the agriculture sector in terms of the growth of biofuel production.
  • 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan (2022) – Climate action and strategies in each sector, including agriculture, to reach Canada’s 2030 emissions target and net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • Canada's Methane Strategy (2022) – Canada’s strategy to reduce methane emissions in every sector of the economy, including agriculture, while supporting innovation and economic growth.
  • National Adaptation Strategy (2022) – A shared vision for climate resilience in Canada, including the agricultural sector which experiences continued impacts from floods fires and extreme weather events.
  • Clean Fuels Fund: Natural Resources Canada program focused on expanding the biomass supply chain and de-risking capital investment to build or expand clean fuel production facilities.
  • Programs to support the development of clean technologies in multiple sectors, including agriculture, such as the Low Carbon Economy Fund, Innovative Solutions Canada program and Net Zero Accelerator Initiative.
  • Canada’s 2030 Biodiversity Strategy: A vision for halting and reversing biodiversity loss in Canada, and reflects Canada’s domestic priorities for biodiversity conservation. It will also guide how Canada implements the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework goals and targets domestically.
  • Canada Water Agency and strengthened Freshwater Action Plan – Enhanced collaboration and capacity to keep fresh water safe, clean and well-managed.