Climate change and agriculture

Greenhouse gases created in the agricultural sector, climate change’s impact on Canadian farm production.


Greenhouse gas emissions and agriculture

Manage, measure and reduce greenhouse gases emitted by agricultural activities.

Climate change impacts on agriculture

Impacts of climate change on the Canadian agricultural productivity.

Agricultural Climate Solutions

Scientists and farmers working together to adopt farming practices to tackle climate change

Helping farmers adapt to a changing climate

Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform

Tools from Natural Resources Canada to support climate adaptation projects across Canada. They include best practices, risk assessment frameworks, by-law development plans, decision-making protocols, and more.

Canadian Centre for Climate Services

A multi-disciplinary team who provides guidance and resources to help Canadians make climate-smart decisions when planning for the future.

Government strategies that support environment and climate outcome

Growth opportunities for the sector through innovations to reduce methane and nitrous oxide, increase biofuel production, climate adaptation and clean technology adoption.

Partnerships and international collaboration for environment

Domestic and international agreements to advance sustainable economic growth and climate resilience.