Sustainable Agriculture Strategy

The Sustainable Agriculture Strategy (SAS) will help set a shared direction for collective action to improve environmental performance in the sector over the long-term, support farmers livelihoods and strengthen the business vitality of the Canadian agricultural industry.

What is the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy?

  • A long-term plan that will help bring together action on priority environment and climate issues in the agriculture sector
  • Shared direction and vision for collective action to improve environmental performance and enhanced resilience to climate change in the agriculture sector
  • A key resource for the Canadian agriculture sector to take action on environmental and climate issues while providing the vital role of responding to growing demands for healthy and affordable food and supporting economic growth

Benefits of a Sustainable Agriculture Strategy

  • Strengthen collaboration on environment and climate action in the sector
  • Support the long-term business vitality of the sector
  • Proactively manage climate change impacts
  • Leverage economic opportunities
  • Support Canada's position as a trusted and sustainable global food provider
  • Contribute to Canada's 2030 and 2050 climate targets and international commitments
  • Help identify research priorities and innovations to support agri-environmental outcomes

With a Sustainable Agriculture Strategy, Canada will be well positioned to be a world leader in sustainable agriculture while maintaining its role as a trusted global food provider.

Focus areas of the SAS

  • Soil health
  • Adaptation and resilience
  • Water
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Biodiversity

Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Committee

The newly created Advisory Committee includes a diverse representation of sector stakeholders that will play an important role in facilitating collaboration, transparency, and information sharing as steps are taken towards developing the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy.

Committee membership

  • Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute
  • Canadian Canola Growers Association
  • Canadian Cattle Association
  • Cereals Canada
  • Canola Council of Canada
  • Chicken Farmers of Canada
  • Canadian Organic Growers
  • Canadian Pork Council
  • Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Egg Farmers of Canada
  • Farmers for Climate Solutions
  • Fertilizer Canada
  • Fruit & Vegetable Growers of Canada
  • Grain Growers of Canada
  • Manitoba Metis Federation
  • National Farmers Union
  • Nature United
  • Pulse Canada
  • Soy Canada
  • Union de producteurs agricoles

Next steps

On March 31, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) concluded the online engagement period to guide the development of the Strategy. As the next step, AAFC will release a What We Heard Report outlining stakeholder feedback received throughout the consultation. AAFC will continue to engage with the Advisory committee to guide the development of the Strategy.

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Canada is recognized as a world leader in sustainable agriculture and agri-food production. It drives forward from a solid foundation of regional strengths and diversity in order to rise to the climate change challenge, to expand new markets and trade while meeting the expectations of consumers, and to feed Canadians and a growing global population.