Agriculture and Food Trade Commissioner Service

The Agriculture and Food Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian businesses succeed in markets around the world. Agri-Food Trade Commissioners are present in 15 markets, with 35 agents ready to help you succeed on the global scale.

How can Agri-Food Trade Commissioners help you succeed?

They play a key role by:

  • Helping ensure Canadian agriculture and food products have access to markets
  • Identifying and developing new opportunities for Canadian agri-food exporters
  • Advocating for the positive attributes of Canadian food products abroad
  • Bridging the gap between Canadian products and markets

They offer services to help you:

  • Prepare for international markets by understanding your potential
  • Improve your export strategy by reviewing key market information
  • Find qualified contacts that know the market by building relationships with their network
  • Address business problems by advising you with expertise

Trade shows supported by our Trade Commissioners

View the list of international agriculture and food trade events for an up-to-date index of Trade Commissioner supported global events.

Find a Trade Commissioner in your market of interest

To get started, find a trade commissioner or contact a regional office of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.

Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)

Video - Agri-food trade commissioners at your service
Watch agri-food trade commissioners at your service
and learn how your company or organization can benefit from export advice and guidance to help you achieve your international business goals.

Market opportunities

Watch Trade Commissioners highlight international agri-food market opportunities in these videos:

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Global support from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

As a part of the larger Government of Canada Trade Commissioner Service, we are present in 161 cities worldwide. Get more details about the services offered and what the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service can do for you.

Want a guide about exporting?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service can help companies take their business to the world.