The Canada Pavilion: The Pavilion experience for exhibitors

Video transcript

[Video opens with time lapse of SIAL Paris being set up. Upbeat dance music begins to play]

[A blue banner with white text crosses the screen.]

Text on banner: The Canada Pavilion: The Pavilion Experience

[Cut to time lapse of showroom in SIAL trade show now full of attendees.]

Jean-François Émond: The Canada Pavilion is very well organized.

[Cut to image of Canada pavilion inside trade show.]

Chad Jakeman: The pavilion looks great, and that helps bring in visitors.

[Cut to image of Canadian Pavilion desk.]

Will Stenason: The Canadian pavilion was really well run. It was terrific.

[Screen transitions to blue and then into a shot of Will Stenason outside SIAL.]

[A blue banner crosses the bottom left corner of the screen with text.]

Text on screen: Will Stenason. President, WS Global Export Services.

Will: My name is Will Stenason. I am with a company called WS Global.

[Cut to clip of Chad Jakeman ouside SIAL the text on the banner changes.]

Text on screen: Chad Jakeman. President, Jakeman's Maple Products.

Chad: Hello my name is Chad Jakeman, I am with Jakeman's maple products.

[Cut to clip of Jean-François Émond outside SIAL. Text on banner changes]

Text on screen: Jean-François Émond. President, L'Ail de l'Ile

Jean-François: Hello, my name is Jean-François Émond, from a company called L’ail de l’Île.

[Cut to clip of plane taking off.]

We’re a young company, we’re exploring new markets…

[A photo of Jean-François and his team at Sial slides over the bottom half of the screen.]

…and of course, we have a lot to learn about those markets.

[A photo of people busily walking around in the Japan Foodex trade show slides across the right half of the screen.]

The Pavilion program offers a good platform for our business development.

[A clip of a woman giving a presentation at one of the trade shows slides across the left side of the screen. A clip of Jean-François holding some of his product slides across the right side of the screen.]

We see our colleagues at the Pavilion…

[The screen quickly changes to three panels of photos. Each photo is a Canadian exporter at the Pavilion.]

…we talk, we exchange samples of our products…

[The panels change again to photos of people taste testing the foods at the Canadian Pavilion, and networking with trade commissioners.]

…then we give each other tips and tricks in those new markets, and we share contacts. It’s really great.

[Cut back to panel with Jean-François talking outside SIAL.]

The organization itself, well, we’re spoiled, the team is terrific.

[Screen slides and changes to a clip of Will outside SIAL on one side of the screen, and a clip from a presentation about the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the other half.]

Will Stenason: It’s wonderful to have the support of the Canadian government to help us...

[Panels slide again, the left side of the screen becomes an image of japan and an image of the Foodex Japan trade show banner. The right side becomes a clip of Will holding his granola bar product.]

...establish our brands in foreign markets...

[Cut to clip of maple leaf shaped bottle being filled with syrup.]

We’ve got some really unique products in Canada.

[Cut back to Chad outside SIAL on half the screen, the other half is a clip of bread with a Canadian flag sitting on top..]

Chad Jakeman: Canadian food is viewed as a really healthy food and really well-prepared. We have a good name in the world...

[The panel of Chad slides away and is replaced by a clip of a couple examining a bottle in a grocery store.]

...and it makes it easier for us to sell our product.

[Clip of couple slides away and is replaced by a photo of Chad, smiling and holding his products.]

[Panels quickly change again in slideshow format, the photos shown are of various Canadian exporters showcasing their products at the Canadian Pavilion.]

Will Stenason: To have a platform like this, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to show off what we have in Canada, around the world.

[Cut back to Chad outside SIAL.]

Chad Jakeman: I think that this is a great program for any Canadian company looking to export.

[Cut to Jean-François outside SIAL.]

Jean-François Émond: It’s really fantastic.

[Cut to clip of plane flying over a wheat field.]

[Banner reappears.]

Text on banner: Learn More

[Text on banner changes, clip pans to follow plane as it goes overhead.]

Text on banner:

[Cut back to Will outside SIAL.]

Will: I look forward to coming back and participating in future shows.

[Screen fades into the Canada wordmark. The upbeat, dance music fades out.]

Text on screen: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2020)

[Screen fades to black.]